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Flights to Scotland

GlasgowBecause I am here right now:

Scotland has long been a popular travel destination. Since the advent of cheap flights, this has only increased. There are currently cheap flights on offer throughout the travel year ñ though prices tend to be lower in the off season months of December ñ March and highest in the summer months of June and August. Cheap flights to Edinburgh, Scotland’s capital city, and cheap flights to Aberdeen, one of the United Kingdon’s main cities for the oil industry, can be booked from domestic locations, such as London or Manchester, as well as internationally.

The other main cities of Scotland include Perth, situated within an hours car journey of Edinburgh, Glasgow, Scotland’s most populous city situated on the west coast and the river Clyde, St Andrews, the university and golfing destination and Inverness, the capital of the Highlands region.

Flights within Scotland, from Edinburgh to Inverness, or from Inverness to Aberdeen, for example, tend to be among the cheapest available as domestic UK destinations. Distances between these places are quite short, with no one flight likely to take longer than an hour. International travel can usually includes flights from Edinburgh, Glasgow or Aberdeen; Inverness airport, though it has experimented with international flights in the past, currently serves only domestic air traffic.

Edinburgh is well known for its annual Fringe Festival. Glasgow is a vibrant cultural city with many museums, restaurants and pubs. Aberdeen is close to the beaches of the North Sea coast and golfing resorts. Inverness is an ideal location for hill walkers.

Renting a Holiday Villa in Alanya, Turkey

Cappadocia(You don’t normally think of Turkey when you think of Asia but it is technically on that continent!!)

Turkey has only recently become popular as a holiday destination, but the country has so much to offer in terms of natural beauty and historic interest that its potential is limitless. The most popular destinations are along the Aegean and Mediterranean coasts, whilst more intrepid travelers prefer exploring the largely neglected eastern part of the country. Either way, there’s something in Turkey for everyone, whether you’re into Greek and Roman ruins, Byzantine architecture, Islamic art, beautiful countryside walks, swimming, lazing on the beach or experiencing mouth-watering cuisine. The possibilities are endless.

Some resorts such as Bodrum have become a bit saturated, but there are many others that retain their historic identity whilst catering for large numbers of visitors, especially in the summer months.

Alanya, almost opposite Cyprus on the Mediterranean, is centered around its magnificent castle, and renting a villa here can form the perfect base for a great holiday. As well as the hectic night life, there are loads of tours to choose from, such as a two-day trip to the weird and wonderful volcanic landscape of Cappadocia, taking in the old Ottoman capital of Konya with its whirling dervishes along the way. Local fish restaurants along cool rivers and the spectacular underground caverns of Damlatas are also great tourist attractions.

Renting a villa in Alanya affords the space and flexibility to make the most of your visit to this beautiful, vibrant and historic city. The local markets are overflowing with cheap, fresh food, and the people are renowned for their friendliness, so self-catering will be an adventure in itself.