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Experience A Relaxing Holiday

If you wish to enjoy a holiday away from the crowds, you should escape to Desroches Island, which is a secluded luxury island that is ideal for de-stressing and escaping the pressures of daily life. Many couples and families head to this beautiful island that has a ring-shaped coral reef around it. If you step out onto the verandah, you can behold a variety of birds, plenty of sea life and tropical lush foliage.

Desroches Island Resort has nearly 26 luxury villas and 20 junior sites that guarantee privacy even when the resort is occupied with people. You reach the beach within a few minutes and you can avail of the bicycles provided by the resort to explore the beautiful island. Each room contains king size beds or two single beds with large bathrooms. The rooms are also fitted with outdoor showers, beautiful verandas and tasteful private lounges that overlook the sea, or garden. You can get butler service or use the culinary kitchen and dining room that are provided in the villas. An infinity pool is also provided.

For those who prefer the upscale dining experience, two restaurants are available, which offer three meals every day. You can order local beers, spirits, house wine and soft drinks or you can get a picnic basket full of snacks, if you so desire. Whether you sit in the restaurant, beach restaurant or enjoy the al fresco on the private veranda, you can order fresh and local cuisine that serves dishes that are produced on the island.

Activities by way of leisure pursuits include matches played on the floodlit tennis court, guided snorkeling tours to view angelfish, as well as sea turtles from up close, or just exploring the shorefront. Take a bicycle and picnic basket and enjoy relaxing on the beaches, or in the jungles, where you can enjoy the beauty of nature.

You can enlist for diving courses at PADI, or NAUI in Desroches, so that you can avail of any of the 14 classified diving sites. The other sports activities offered are sea kayaking and wind-surfing. Sports enthusiasts, who prefer fly-fishing and big game fishing can make arrangements for boats, as well as get their supplies of tackle from the Island Resort.

The island ensures that they closely monitor the population of fish and maintain organic farming. They take care to preserve the native species, which are rare or endangered by making sure that there is no impact with human activities. They try to involve the guests in awareness programs of conservation so that the sea life, wild birds and fauna of this unique island is preserved.

If you are only interested in relaxing in Four Seasons Seychelles then you can book yourself a massage the Coconut Spa or relax by the poolside with a book and a refreshing drink. The Desroches Island Resort has been planned with conservation in mind of the natural features of the island to ensure proper sustenance.

Touring Around China

Tourists who visit China cannot come away from there without visiting one of the great man-made wonders of the world, The Great Wall of China. Before you set out on a tour to China make sure you get all the details from a reputed travel operator as there are many who may not offer the right options. Make sure you make plans in advance so that you enjoy your holiday when you opt for anyone of the tours.

The Great Wall of China stretches for nearly 6,700 kilometers over cliffs, deserts, hills and plateaus, separating nations from the Northwest corner to the East Coast of China. This wall is one of the most visited spots, as tourists travel in large numbers, to admire one of the most massive structures in the world that has 2000 years history to their name. Tours are given from any one of the nine sections that constitute the Great Wall of China. Every section is different from the other in the way it is preserved and the features offered.

The wall in Beijing is the most commonly visited as the segments that remain of the wall are the best preserved and interesting. The sections are further subdivided into seven different secions. These include Badaling, Jinshaling, Simati, Gubeikou, Mutianyu, Jainkous and Huanghuacheng and display the works carried out in the Ming dynasty before the city was conquered by Qing. The wall looks very large and more pronounced when it touches Beijing and therefore, this section has become popular, especially for tourists who visit China.

The Badaling is the most famous of these sections and most of the pictures of the Great Wall of China are shot from around this area, which is close to the Juyonguan Pass. In the tourist season, many visitors also make trips to the Mutianyu portion as one can view the massive remains and portions of the walls that are better preserved from here.

The other tour locations have their different eight perspectives of the history of the wall that goes back 2000 years. These include Tianjian, Shaanxi, Hebei, Shanxi, Ningxia, Gansu and Inner Mongolia, which stretch westward across the northern portions of the country.

You can expect to see variations in each segment of the wall that makes up the Great China Wall. Some are narrow and very old and offer a secluded glimpse of the wall and is therefore rarely visited. Tourists prefer to head to the more popular sections. Some sections offer hiking facilities as one can climb through hills and over mountains.

Whichever angle or section you select when you decide on tours of China, make sure you include the best of the lot which is the Great Wall of China tours.

Selecting The Right Seniors Travel Insurance

Once you become a senior citizen, you should relax and enjoy the fruits of your hard labor by doing things that you always dreamed of doing. Traveling has become a popular option as it is easy to move from one place to another today. You may be silver haired but that does not mean you have to retire from living your life. You may not feel your age but being older comes with additional risk factors. It is possible for senior travelers to be more susceptible to illness or accidents when traveling. It is therefore advisable to ensure that you take out seniors travel insurance. Special insurance policies for seniors over 65 are available that will allow you to travel anywhere without worrying about your age.

Check out the various insurance policies that are available and chose one that protects your interests without exceeding your budget. A wide range of features are covered at various prices. You could opt for a single trip or check out offers for senior travelers that cover multi trips. Make sure you carefully examine all polices that are available for domestic as well as overseas travel.

Scrutinize the travel insurance for seniors that cover medical expenses when you shop around. Make sure that you cover any pre-existing condition before you travel. There is no point in procuring an insurance policy that will not cover your expenses if required. Look for the benefits that cover medical evacuation. This is essential for international travel. The other factor that you need to check is that your expenses are borne if you have to be brought back home from abroad.

The Internet offers great facilities online for seniors who wish to take travel insurance. It is the best way to source out all the possibilities and then opt for the right one. However, if you are not able to do this, make sure you get a reputed insurance broker. However, when you scour online, you will be able to make comparative notes and check out the various options of policy quotes offered. This option is quicker and you are able to discover which options cover maximum benefits that will assist you when you take that trip.

Pricing depends on various factors such as coverage geographically, if you are using a single or multi trip option and so on. Travel insurance for seniors is reasonably prices and affordable today even if you take the comprehensive options. Make a careful study when you look at all the options offered. Check out all possibilities as it is worth the effort. Be satisfied when you take out the right one and enjoy a carefree vacation or travel where you can spend your leisure time peacefully.

Go to Goa

Goa was once the destination for hippies and other counterculture devotees who wanted to drop out of the commercial world. That element still exists here, but another side of Goa has emerged. This is a side that is flashy, hip and endlessly fun. Goans enjoy the highest per capita income in India. Its well-heeled inhabitants live a luxurious lifestyle, shopping at designer retail stores for their clothing and household goods.

Goa may be the smallest state in India, but it enjoys a vibrant lifestyle. Its location on the coast gives it beautiful beaches that draw millions of tourists from around the world each year. Even travellers from within India flock here to experience firsthand the Goa slogan: Take it easy.

This is easily achieved in Goa as the entire state exhibits a rather relaxed, ‘anything goes’ sensibility. The Portuguese occupied the region for nearly 500 years and their influence can be felt throughout. Many Goans are Catholic and it is not unusual to find Hindu temples and Catholic churches standing in relatively close proximity. The Portuguese influenced the language and architecture here as well, making Goa a fascinating destination that interestingly blends two diverse cultures. The lifestyle is so laid back here that anyone can feel at home.

A variety of accommodations are available throughout the state, but most visitors are concentrated along the bustling coastline. Interesting, and quieter, lodgings can be discovered inland where travellers are less frequent. Anyone wishing to escape the crowds should head inland and avoid the coastal areas. Villas are available for rent to travellers with discriminating and luxurious taste. Although these properties tend to be expensive, they are the last word in elegance and taste, many of them coming with full staff and hundreds of amenities.

Frugal travellers will find plenty of comfortable lodgings as well, though they may not be as luxurious. Some are former hippie hideaways; others provide gorgeous views of the beach and thoughtful amenities. Generally, speaking there are plenty of options for everyone.

Goa is widely recognized for its pulsing nightlife. Rave parties have become almost commonplace and many nightclubs offer an opportunity to dance the night away. To really experience a Goan party, though, it is necessary to inquire among some of the beachside shacks. Gatherings called full moon parties – though they may happen in the middle of the day – are often kept hushed up to avoid police involvement. Essentially these are underground parties where dancing, music and good times prevail. Intoxicants are freely imbibed, even the illegal ones, generally making for a wild time. Another attraction is the Silent Noise Headphone Party where attendees dance to the music on their headphones in deference to a 10:00pm noise ban.

Goa is gorgeous by day and lively by night. It truly has something for everyone, from breathtaking landscapes to wild parties. To really get the most out of one of India’s most spectacular destinations, visitors should take advantage of American Express credit card rewards.  By using an Amex card, travellers can collect points whilst enjoying one of Asia’s great holiday destinations.

Top Things To Do In Australia

There is so much to do when you visit Australia which is home to big cities, beaches, deserts and mountains. You can choose from any of the ten top things to do in Australia that is listed below.

Visit the Opera House and Sydney Harbor Bridge as this is something every traveler to Australia must do. Some tourists enjoy climbing up the Bridge and book well in advance while other may opt to enjoy a night at the opera on terra firma.

Enjoy a scenic drive down the Great Ocean Road which starts from Torquay and runs for 243 km to Warrnambool in Victoria which is the southern state. You are bound to spot a few koalas hanging from trees and enjoy stunning sights such as the rock formation of the Twelve Apostles. The Outback may be difficult to reach from any of the major cities but if you can make a trip to Ayers Rock you will enjoy the journey on the dusty roads that take you to Alice Springs.

Make it a point to include the West Coast of Australia as you will be spellbound by the spectacular scenery. Enjoy snorkeling and discovering reef sharks, manta rays, turtles and perhaps a whale shark if you are lucky when you travel half way down the coast to Exmouth.

Skydiving is very popular for backpackers as it is something most tourists enjoy trying. Feel the adrenalin rush as you jump out of a plane from thousands of feet in the air. There is nothing as thrilling, especially as you get a great bird’s eye view of the stunning landscape.

Accommodation is easy to find in Australia. There are many luxury hotels and various eco retreats where you can find great big beds to rest at night. Melbourne and Sydney abound in five-star hotels though if you look around you will find some great chic eco hotels at affordable prices.

Tourists flock to Sydney to enjoy the large ocean pools that are filled with sea water. These types of pools are found in the far end of Coogee beaches and Bondi, Sydney where you can soak lazily in these pools and watch the water flowing in with the current.

Do not miss the Great Barrier Reef which is the largest in the world and spectacular, whether you see it from above, or below. This reef that spreads for over 2,600 km abounds in diverse marine life that will amaze you and make your trip there worth your while.

Try to include Darwin, which is the capital of the Northern Territories, in your itinerary and visit the Kakadu National Park that lies about 200 kms to the south. You will enjoy a wide spectacle of flora and fauna, including rivers, waterfalls and aboriginal rock art.

Tourists can learn to surf and enjoy a great time soaking up the sun on the beaches. Include this exciting sport as one of the top things to do in Australia. Surfing is a popular pastime with Australians and you can join the other tourists and locals in the sparkling crystal waters.

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