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Varied Activities on the Gold Coast of Australia

gold-coastThe Gold Coast of Australia is now becoming a popular tourist destination, thanks to many stars who head down under, whenever they are looking for some action on their holidays. I listen to the evening news and am amazed at the number of people who enjoy visiting Australia, especially the beaches on the Gold Coast. Travelers are able to visit varied regions and enjoy their holidays down under. This is probably why many tourists are heading to this part of Australia to enjoy their vacations.

In my opinion, Surfer’s Paradise is one of the best locations for vacations. This place is for tourists who want to have fun and enjoy the beaches and take active part in thrilling water sports. There is a lot to see and do and many people love the bustling atmosphere of this tourist destination. Some people, who prefer a romantic getaway, would prefer to go somewhere quieter to spend more time with each other.

Broadbeach is another beautiful region in the Gold Coast where one can find many eating places and shops. The accommodation is on the shore, which makes it very alluring for people, who are used to places like the Surfer’s Paradise. Here, there is not as much activity as Surfer’s Paradise and people can find time to be alone, if they prefer this sort of vacation. For those interested in sporting activities, there is enough to keep them occupied so that they have fun at the same time.

In Broadbeach, one has more space to move around and this may be due to the fact that it does not receive as much publicity as Surfer’s Paradise. It is possible to move around at a less active pace here. There is plenty to do if you wish to be active or you can move around at your own sedate pace.

The weather on the Gold Coast is by far the greatest reasons for people heading to this tourist destination. You can take a vacation any part of the year in this part of the world.  Make it a point to include the Surfer’s Paradise or Broadbeach on your wish list when you plan to take your next holiday. Apartments and hotels are easy to find. Just type in the details and you will be flooded with places to stay on the Gold Coast.

I enjoy visiting the Gold Coast as the weather all around is superb for undertaking various activities. I find the accommodation very comfortable and have not yet regretted taking my vacation in Australia.

Enjoyable Family Vacation in Australia

sydney-photosOur last holiday in Australia was a Mecca to some of the most beautiful cities in the state. We visited the culture capital of Victoria and the state capital, Melbourne, which is the largest city in Australia. Melbourne is sophisticated and boasts of excellent architecture, displays of sculptures and conducts many events that are world-class.
Tourists are greeted with many restaurants and cafes when down under, and look forward to sampling the cuisine. As a connoisseur of food, I visited the Queen Victoria Market, where I was able to pick up a variety of ingredients for cooking up gourmet dishes. I enjoyed the evening at the Crown Melbourne casino, where I was astounded by the mere magnificence of the water feature that was displayed in the foyer!

The Yarra River runs through Melbourne and provides water to many vineyards in this region.
We took a day trip to the Phillip Island which is a 90 minute drive from Melbourne. My children had a whale of a time sampling the chocolates and getting their energy levels up at the Paddys Chocolate Factory after being entertained for hours on end with optical illusions, puzzles and mazes at A Maze’N Things. My wife and I led stroll around the conservation area to look at the koalas, sea lions and the amazing variety of birds around.
great alpine roadWe unanimously agreed that the drive down the Great Alpine Road after breakfast was a memorable treat and a great experience. This scenic road runs 308 kilometers and is well sealed and accessible throughout the year. This route starts from the North east at Wangaratta to Bairnsdale. Though we could complete this trip in about four and a half hours, we decided to make a stop and have lunch, after which we tried to catch fish while the children spent the afternoon cycling in the area.
We took in several cultural events and visited the theatre and art museums when we were there. We had scheduled our trip for November and since we were around for the first Tuesday in the month, I even placed a small wager at the racing event that is popularly known as the Melbourne Cup.
Our family voted Australia as one of the best tourist destinations in the world and confirmed that they had great fun during the entire trip. We enjoyed visiting this wine country and found several good bed and breakfast places that tourists could stay and explore the surroundings. The scenery was breathtaking, the rides enjoyable and the tours well conducted.

Asian City Break Destinations

Travellers who want to experience a stellar holiday can take a city break in one of Asia’s electrifying metropolises. Many of these prominent cities feature unique points of interest and exciting travel adventures. Obtaining an online credit card can help fund these holidays. Here are some of the top choices of Asian cities where visitors can experience a thrilling city break:

This Japanese capital is one of the most sought after travel destinations in the world. This grand metropolis mixes ancient Japanese traditions with modern amenities to create a truly unique city. The iconic Mount Fuji serves as the perfect backdrop. Sacred temples, such as the Sensoji Temple, are commonplace throughout the city. Travellers can ride up to the observation decks of the Tokyo Tower, an impressive structure resembling the Eiffel Tower, to see some of the best views of the city. Tokyo is also home to many museums and cultural centres.

Taipei City
Visitors can find this affluent city just off the coast of Mainland China on the island of Taiwan. Taipei 101, a large tower located in the city centre, previously held the record as the world’s tallest building. Travellers can also find many shopping districts in the downtown area such as Zhongxiao East Road and the Shilin Night Market. The Chiang Kai-shek Memorial Hall is an ideal place to visit for travellers who want to learn more about Taiwan’s history.

Thailand’s premier city boasts many significant sites of interest. The Grand Palace is one of the city’s most acclaimed attractions for its stunning beauty and its history serving as the living quarters for generations of Thai royalty. For an exciting shopping experience, visitors can journey to Siam Paragon, a lavish shopping centre featuring numerous stores, extensive cuisine selections and even a movie theatre and concert hall. The Victory Monument, a towering structure commemorating Thailand’s victory in the Franco-Thai War, is a proud symbol of the city. Bangkok is also known for its immaculate temples such as Wat Arun.

This city serves as the centerpiece of South Korea. Amongst its tall buildings and bustling city life, travellers can find solace in visiting outdoor gathering spaces like Cheonggyecheon. Visitors can also behold the intricate architecture of Namdaemun, a 14th century gateway. Changdeokgung served as a royal palace during the Joseon Dynasty and can be toured. The National Museum of Korea can be visited to learn more about Korean art and history.

Amazing Hotels in Southeast Asia

South East Asia is a hive of activity and incredibly infectious hustle and bustle – and that’s why we love it! But now and again when visiting this fantastic region you need a dose of quiet and calm down-time to counteract the craziness. So, for a blissful, out-of-the-way experience, here are three of the best alternative places to stay for a chilled out luxury holiday to South East Asia.

Four Rivers Floating Lodge – Cambodia

Birdview from 4 Rivers Floating Eco-LodgeSitting on a secluded river bend and surrounded by pristine virgin forest, Four Rivers Floating Lodge is a place to discover un-spoilt Cambodia at its very best. Just 12 luxurious tented villas sit on the Tatai River – a four hour drive from Phnom Penh – and you can spend your days kayaking along the mangrove waterways and visiting local villages.

Tiger Blue – Indonesia

Tiger BlueWithout a doubt the ultimate way to explore the enchanting islands of the Indonesian archipelago, Tiger Blue is a luxurious 34 metre traditional sailboat perfect for following in the footsteps of early explorers. The boat takes a slightly different route depending on the time of year, taking in the Komodo National Park between March and September and the Spice Islands of the Banda Sea between October and December.

Six Senses Con Dao – Vietnam

Ocean_Front_Villa_poolWhen you think of Vietnam you don’t always think of fantastic, un-touched beaches, but you should! Our favourite place to hide away in total luxury is the new Six Senses Con Dao resort located on the idyllic Con Dao Islands, a breathtaking archipelago featuring white powder beaches and warm crystal seas. Brilliant location, excellent food and high eco-credentials – what could be better?

I Heart Turkey

alanya turkeyI’m biased, I love Turkey, yet the southern resort of Alanya doesn’t need me to rave about it, it does it all for itself.

You can fly to Antalya airport from most UK airports, with low-cost airlines getting in on the action, saving you hard-earned cash. Save your stress levels and lira by booking those essential extras, such as Luton Airport Parking, after all, the less stress the better!

Any resort in Turkey guarantees a great time, with culture, sun, sea and fantastic hospitality. Families, couples and singles alike are welcomed with open arms, and you can’t help but have a fantastic time.

Alanya is a green resort, with clean, wide beaches and clear water. There are regular boat trips, a great way to tan, but remember your sun-cream – Turkish sun is very strong! There are many fantastic spots for diving, with all manner of marine life to see. A regular hydrofoil also visits nearby Northern Cyprus – confuse your relatives by sending a postcard!

The beach is the centre-point, with plentiful sun-beds, many water-sports and bars and restaurants. There’s also an aquapark, perfect for a spot of cooling down, and a great day out for the kids.

Shopping is fun in Alanya, with haggling the name of the game on the markets. Expect to pay considerably less than the asking price, and don’t be scared to be a little cheeky! Handbags, purses, leather goods, clothes, trinkets and spices are plentiful.

Nightlife is varied and lively, with nightclubs, bars and restaurants offering international and local cuisine. Be sure to try some traditional Turkish food, it’s delicious and extremely good value. If puddings are your thing, try kunefe, loosely based on cheese-cake, it melts in the mouth. Baklava is another favourite of mine, as well chicken kebabs, wrap-style. Delicious, although they occasionally come with chips inside, which I’m not a fan of!

alanya turkeyFeeling the need for culture? The town’s castle dates back more than 2000 years. Head to the top for stunning views – don’t forget your camera! Alanya museum gives a deeper understanding of the history of the area, including stories from Ottoman rule.

The Red Tower is a famous landmark and fort, an important symbol of Turkish maritime history. A tip – the doorway is very small, duck otherwise you’ll have a bruise to remember your trip by! There are different floors inside, including a museum, octagonal water tank, and a spectacular view from the top.

Getting around the town is simple, with regular minibuses, or Dolmus. To hail the dolmus, simply hold your arm out and shout “stop” when you want to get off – simple! Taxis are also available. If you like a little more independence, you can hire a car, although beware, driving in Turkey is generally at your own risk!

The area around Alanya is beautiful, very green and hilly, with ancient caves to explore. Sapadere Canyon is 40km from Alanya but if you can get there, it’s definitely worth it for the spectacular scenery.

Turkey may seem far away, but it’s certainly not, and thanks to low-cost airlines, anyone can visit this middle-eastern delight. Booking your holiday extras, such as Birmingham Airport Parking helps save time, stress and money. Flying from Gatwick? Gatwick parking is also available at fantastic rates, along with other time savers, including airport hotels.

So Turkey – my favourite place. I could rave it about it all day, but book and see for yourself – head to Alanya this summer and see if you agree.