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Sightseeing in Hong Kong

One of the leading tourist destinations in the world is undoubtedly Hong Kong, thanks to the thousands of tourist attractions that await visitors. Whether it is taking in the year-round festivals that the region is known for, visiting the amusement parks or simply shopping around for the most exotic souvenirs to carry back home, you can bet there is something for every ardent traveler. Here are some of the things you should not miss out when you decide to visit this wonderland.

The Dragon Boat Festival – this is an annual event that often takes place every year on the 5th day of the 5th moon, which can fall either on May or June when using the Western Calendar of events. It is a special festival on its own right, with lots of mouthwatering traditional delicacies, breathtaking parades, and the characteristic dragon boat races. If you happen to be in Hong Kong at this time of the year, this is one festival you wouldn’t want to miss. Needless to mention, you should ensure your camera has enough memory space to capture each and every detail of the festival, because the colors are rich, bright and just amazing.

The Chinese New Year – yet another annual event that takes place shortly after the 1st of January each year on the Western Calendar. It is marked by parades and festivities which last for a whopping 15 days, with the best of the best reserved for the 15th night of the holiday.

Ocean Park – want to experience nature at its finest in Chinese land, why not check out this theme park that features amazing shows and rides that are sure to cater to the entire family.

Lantau Island – want to learn about the history of this great land? Why not visit the Lantau Island that adorns the region’s skyline with grandiose features, such as the 100 foot tall Buddha statue that adorns the skyline in its charm and beauty.

Disneyland – if you still can’t get enough of theme parks, you can bet that Disneyland will never disappoint. This is where you get to see all your favorite Disney characters in action as they present the most amazing parades and shows you have ever seen.

Stanley Park – strategically located just outside the busy metropolis, the Stanley Park presents a great experience for your memories in this region.  Ranging from mouthwatering delicacies to great souvenirs, you can bet there is something for every taste and preference out there.

Victoria Peak – this is a must visit place when you decide to take Hong Kong Flights to this wonderland. With a cable powered tram, you can be bale to reach the peak of this grandiose tourist attraction that was named after the famous Queen Victoria. Be sure to visit the site when it is already at night and the entire district lit up and you will have the most breathtaking view of the city underneath.

When all is said and done, it is important to plan your itinerary in advance so as to coincide with the festivals that you want to experience in the region. The internet is a reliable place you can find useful information to help you not only know of the festivals but also plan accordingly.