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This is my site about Asia. I’ve been living and visiting Asia (mostly Southeast Asia, specifically Cambodia) for a very long time. I came here in the 80s and well, just never left – I got into a teaching job, ended up stuck on the islands of Thailand, and just floated around the region for awhile. Now, I live on the coast of Cambodia doing nothing but relaxing on the beach. As I get older, I can’t hang with the young backpackers who float through the area these days – I’ve been there and done that.

Now, I got into this whole blogging thing because I was mostly bored and wanted something to do with my time. Everyone keeps talking about blogging and well, I don’t know much about computers but I know a lot about Asia. I’ve been to just about everyone in this part of the world. This blog is designed to help people going to Asia by providing tips, advice, and stories about the area to make your time in the area better.

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  1. Geoff says:

    Cheers for the comment over at my blog – I’ve added you to my blogroll and my reader, looking forward to reading more of your stories of Asia.


  2. aaron says:

    hello we exchanged links a while ago but i notice you have taken the link down, yours is still up on http://happytimeblog.co.uk/links/ and i would appreciate it very much if you would return the link love

    thanks a million

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