The Best Beach Resorts in Jamaica


Writers Note: Hi Readers, don’t worry I know that Jamaica is not now part of Asia but this week I was traveling with Alex and we had a great conversation about how there are different regulations around the world, for example for Alex to get a Canadian boat license she can actually take the course online and then the test and print out a temporary pass, but in my home state in America I actually have to go to a classroom and take the classes and the test, it is annoying. But here in Asia there is no test at all!

Alex is not a blogger but wants to begin to she asked to write a post for me. Before landing in Bangkok she spent 6 months in Jamaica and wanted to share her thoughts on the best beach resorts in Jamaica.

The Caribbean island of Jamaica is one which has long been associated with beautiful tropical holiday destinations, and around the coast of this island are some of the most idyllic beach resorts in the world. Lying towards the southern end of the Caribbean, the English speaking island is ideal for those who are looking for a Caribbean holiday without a phrasebook, and the population is generally welcoming to visitors. The best beaches in Jamaica can boast all the features you’d expect of a Caribbean island, with windswept palm trees, golden sands and water that is clear and blue.


The resort of Negril lies on the western tip of Jamaica, and is particularly noted for its stunning beaches. The resort is spread over quite a large portion of coastline here, including the site known as ‘Seven Mile Beach’, which offers the stunning golden sands and clear water you’d expect from a Jamaican resort. Negril has been a popular beach destination since the 1950s when the first guest houses opened here, but there are parts of the area that are still quiet and relatively undeveloped.

There is a good combination of accommodation here, with the northern end of the beach being dominated by large all-inclusive resorts, while those looking for a more authentic taste of Jamaica can stay in one of the family run hotels further south along the beach. The area also boasts some great diving spots off the coast, along with some great cliffs for those looking for an adrenaline burst by jumping into the sea.

Port Antonio

Port Antonio lies on the north east coast of Jamaica, and has some great beaches to enjoy, along with plenty of other activities to enjoy in the area too. The destination has featured in several different movies, and has been visited by a wide range of celebrities and international dignitaries attracted by the stunning surroundings here.

There are some beaches that are operated privately with a fee to enter, with Frenchman’s Cove being a particularly popular beach, which was the location for much of the filming for the ‘Lord of the Flies‘ movie. One of the most interesting sites in Port Antonio is the Blue Lagoon, which has a distinctive color as the lagoon is much deeper than many of the surrounding waters, at around two hundred feet in depth.

Ocho Rios

Ocho Rios is one of the largest tourist destinations in Jamaica, and lies on the northern coast of the island. There are several beaches here for people to visit, with some being private beaches with an admission fee, and others open to everyone. The growth of the tourist industry here means that people who are looking for a change of pace after a few days on the beach can also try scuba diving or other water sports here too. Many of the visitors to Ocho Rios come here by boat, as it is a popular stopping point for many cruise liners.

Montego Bay

Montego Bay is another of the popular beach resorts on the north coast of Jamaica, and has several idyllic beaches including the Doctor’s Cave Beach and Cornwall Beach. As the beaches here can be quite busy, some visitors will want to explore the coast around the city to find somewhere a little quieter.

Another benefit of visiting Montego Bay is that it has a wonderful combination of activities to enjoy too, with some great water sports such as sailing and snorkeling on offer here. Montego Bay is also popular among golf enthusiasts, as there are several golf courses worth playing in the area.



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