Cultural Travel

cultural travel

The concept of cultural travel involves immersing yourself in the local way of life and culture for a period of time. You take yourself away from the tourism inspired hotspots and instead focus on experiencing what life is like for the normal inhabitants of the country.

Some people who are into cultural travel prefer to take it to a country that is completely out of their comfort zone. These people like to have to learn a new language in order to survive and experience different beliefs, ethics and general way of doing things. However, you do not have to do it in this way but instead spend time in a country that may be the other side of the world but still shares at least the same language.

When the term cultural travel is used it should be noted that it does not mean you just go to a country and visit a museum or read some books as it is focused on the people themselves. You eat the food in the area not because it is a novelty thing that tourists do but instead you learn to cook it yourself or eat where the locals eat because it is the cuisine they have grown up with.

Cultural travel is not something that can really be achieved in a short space of time. Some may be familiar with the idea of a gap year during education or indeed a gap year after education and before work and this is the timeframe really associated with cultural travel.

With this type of trip you shall find that you do not spend vast amounts of money like normal tourists as you learn about local places which are much cheaper as they do not come with the tourist surcharge. You are spending more time there so you are living at local rates and prices for a number of things. After all you are trying to live like a local as much as you can.

Cultural travel is therefore able to be summarized as spending time living like the locals. You can avoid all of the marketing ploys aimed at tourists and get off the beaten track to experience what day to day life is really like.

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