Enjoy Any One of the Cheap flights to Australia

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The best time to vacation in Australia is when the various airlines vie with each other with special promotional offers. The airfares to Australia during the low season, which is generally from May, August right through middle of September, are low as compared to other long flights to Asia and Eastern Europe.

Fly out of San Francisco and Los Angeles or from California and take the non-stop flight to reach Australia.

There have been an increase of new airlines and existing airlines have added more flight and services to this route bringing down the cost of flying to Australia further.

Consolidators of airlines offer great deals with cheap flights to Australia. However, you can also avail of a great low fare when you opt to fill a seat at the nth hour or a promotional fare.

The Australian Qantas offer large aircrafts and maximum flights to Australia. Daily flights that go non-stop to Australia are from Los Angeles.  San Francisco does not offer daily flights. With Qantas, there are so many great deals on flights to Brisbane, Melbourne, or Sydney without any halts on the way. Code-share flights are offered by this Australian company to American Airlines to connect to flights from other cities in the US either from San Francisco or Los Angeles.

The Qantas website offers promotional “free” offers, of a flight to a city in Australia during the low season. You can also avail of the Aussie Air Pass or if you are an Advantage members of American Airlines, earn mileage points and fly to, as well as within Australia, on their Qantas carriers.

Virgin Airlines Group offer their new addition, VAustralia, which flies from Los Angeles non-stop to Brisbane, Sydney and Melbourne. Take a connecting flight from any US city on Delta and Virgin America. Some of the VAustralia flights also depart from San Francisco.  However, VAustralia does not offer any special packages or offers within Australia.

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From 2009, Delta has been flying to Sydney. They have entered a code-sharing agreement with various groups, such as  international flights  with VAustralia, Virgin Airlines Group and Virgin Blue, their sister airline for domestic flights within Australia.

Members of DeltaSkyMiles with Club access can spend transit hours in the luxurious VirginBlue’s airport lounges whenever they fly anywhere within Australia on their VirginBlue aircraft. The other airlines that offer this facility are VAustralia and Delta.

United Airlines flies to Sydney from San Francisco and Los Angeles or connect from many cities in US. This airline goes to Australia but does not fly in Australia and rarely offer any promotional offers.

The other airline that flies from San Francisco and Los Angeles to Down Under is Air New Zealand, via Auckland. Since the traveling time is extended by many hours, their fares are quite competitive.

Several Asian airlines offer multi-stops, to travel to Australia, which tend to work out more expensive. It is cheaper to fly non-stop on VAustralia, Qantas, United or Delta.

If you have no issues with expensive fares and look for luxury and comfort, you may prefer flying east en route to Australia. You can visit Singapore or Dubai to combine a great holiday. Singapore Air has a non-stop daily flight from Newark to Singapore and the Emirates have two non-stop daily flights from JFK. Many non-stop flights are available from San Francisco, Los Angeles and Houston when you take the various options to vacation in Australia.

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