Have you visited Cambodia?

angor watWhen ever we talk about some of the fine places in South East Asia, then one name which immediately strike to our mind is of Cambodia. Cambodia has every thing in it which a traveler desire for. This is the main reason why it is emerging as one of the best travel destination for the people all over the world. So, if you are also planning for a travel trip along with your friends or family, then do consider Cambodia as a potential option for you. Why you must do so? We will disclose here.

First of all the traveling means to Cambodia are in good numbers and you can stick with either of them. Most often people from foreign countries prefer to visit this beautiful place by the air route. You can very easily get the tickets booked for your self and then enjoy. Secondly, being a famous travel destination there are lots of fine and awesome option for the accommodation process. All the hotels are luxurious and you can explore almost all the features in it. They will provide you a feeling of being at home and you will just not wish like leaving that place.

Cambodia is filled with several tourist attraction and other attractive places. In this context, the best place to pay a visit to is “Siem Reap”. You will get a chance to see there famous Angkor Wat temple out there. This temple has its own historical and architectural importance, because of which it is famous through out the world. Hence you just can’t afford to leave this place. It is just a four hour drive from the Phnom Penh.

Another good and attractive place on your trip can be the “Royal Palace”. This is also quite an old monument and has some historical importance attached to it. You can easily get all the details about it from the net.

You will also get a chance to see out there the National Museum which houses Angkorian artifacts. The Museum was opened in 1920, and displays over 5,000 objects ranging from Angkor-era statuary to post-Angkor Buddha figures. Outside the Museum, a large selection of art galleries can be found on Street 178.

There are still more places to be explored. So just stick to it and enjoy.

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