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An Alternative to Hotels

holiday villa

Instead of booking an expensive hotel for your next holiday, consider saving money and booking a self-catering apartment or villa holiday as an alternative. An excellent rental option for long stays, group bookings and families, holiday apartments and villas are affordable and can help travellers feel at home away from home. Homey furniture, extra living space, privacy, kitchen facilities and private bedrooms make accommodation comfortable and these arrangements are usually cheaper than traditional hotels.

Some private residences come with private pools, recreation facilities and beachfront living. They can be as urban or as secluded as desired. An affordable and popular accommodation option in Europe, self catering apartments and villa options are becoming more and more common in the Caribbean, North Africa, and some parts of the United States.

Listings for apartments and villas are everywhere, from holiday house websites, to worldwide classified websites and even local newspapers for local holiday stays. Rural holidays, such as staying in restored farmhouses remodelled for holiday purposes in rustic areas, called agritourism lodges, are especially popular in Italy.

To make finding and renting apartments and villas even more affordable, Home Exchange allows the exchange of holiday rental property so registrants can swap holiday houses and go on holiday anywhere in the world. The Home Exchange network allows both parties to temporarily rent each other’s home at no cost, and can be a very creative and economical way to get free accommodation. Take precautions and develop a mutual trust relationship first before surrendering any keys.