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Taking More Cruises in Asia

vietnam cruiseTo Westerners, the Far East is a place of perceived mysticism, magic and diversity. Travellers can read as much as they want about Asia, but when it comes down to it, there is only one way to experience this marvellous part of the globe – first hand.

There are a wide variety of ways to experience the Far East, but the most comfortable mode of transport is surely aboard a luxury cruise ship. Azamara Cruises specialise in providing travellers with luxurious lodgings, unrivalled service and a wide variety of onboard entertainment whilst en route to exotic port destinations. Some of the cruise operator’s most notable Asian destinations include:

Halong Bay, Vietnam – This enchanting bay offers visitors the opportunity to explore one of the most unique landscapes on the planet. The bay is listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site and is located in the Quảng Ninh Province. The bay’s name translated directly to “Descending Dragon Bay” and features thousands of limestone karsts and spire-like islands.

Kobe, Japan – The sixth largest city in Japan and home to the world famous Kobe beef, this city is an essential stop for travellers discovering the Far East. The city is also well known for its Arima Onsen (hot springs), which allow visitors to experience true Japanese peace and tranquillize without having to travel far from the city.

Phuket, Thailand – There is a reason that this island is such a popular tourist destination. The Andaman coast is known for its breathtaking scenery, world-class diving and rock climbing. However, when visiting Phuket, why not opt for something a little different? The Haad Nai Yang National park is on the north-western side of the island and gives travellers access to 35 square miles of unspoilt tropical rainforest
There really is no better way to experience the Far East than aboard a luxury cruise. Courtesy of Azamara Cruises, you will get to see the world in the lap of luxury.

Dream Cruises

cruiseImagine a dream in which you’re drifting serenely along Shanghai’s Grand Canal before stepping into an exquisite city garden. Then you find yourself in Tokyo, wandering onwards until you’re amidst the fabulous temples, courtyards and pavilions of Beijing’s stunning Forbidden City. A little later, you find yourself looking up at a soaring vista of sky lanterns ascending into the night sky of Taipei, Taiwan. If you think that sequences like this can only happen while youíre asleep, think again. This is a fairly typical itinerary for Far East cruises: it’s a dream that cruise holidays can make true and itís available for anyone who wants to see this fantastic part of the world for themselves..

The choice of cruises available today is dizzying. As well favorites like Mediterranean cruises and Caribbean cruises, there are Red Sea cruises, Baltic cruises, and even cruises to the Antarctic! Cruise operators like P&O Cruises, Thomson Cruises, Princess Cruises and Costa Cruises run fleets of ships, offering a choice between smaller, more intimate vessels and lavish floating castles! This range, in addition to the excellent cruise deals available continually, ensure that whatever your budget, a cruise experience can be yours. If you’re relatively young and active, or if you’ve got young kids to keep occupied, opting for the larger vessels may be well worth the extra cost. You’ll find anything from onboard water parks, water skiing, ice skating, and rock wall climbing, to numerous pools suitable for all ages. And the price includes not just your en suite cabin, but gourmet food and evening entertainment, too.

Combine a resort holiday with a cruise in one of the many cruise and stay holidays available. Whatever you choose, you’ll never forget your cruise and will always have some fantastic memories of the places you may only get to visit once in your lifetime..