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The Top Adventure Sports In Nepal

Mountain BikingThe presence of the HimalayanMountains has always been both a blessing and a curse for Nepal, bringing both benefits and hindrances to the native people in the country.  The high mountain ranges have helped to isolate this small country from many potential trade routes, with many of the journeys to Tibet, China and India all having to be done over high mountain passes.  The benefit that accompanies the HimalayanMountains is that they have given Nepal a burgeoning tourism industry, and with a period of peace after a turbulent few years, adventure sports have really started to grow in the country.

The traditional activities of mountain climbing and trekking are still massively popular, but for those looking for an adrenaline rush there are a range of other activities becoming available too.

Mountain Biking

One of the best ways to see Nepal is on two wheels, and there are a growing number of routes that are being opened up to cyclists ranging from valley tours up to high altitude adventures.  The cross country routes are excellent for novices and those looking for a relaxed cycling, while the mountainous routes will take visitors away from the more populous areas and out into the remote areas where visitors are rarely seen by the locals.

Although the industry for mountain biking is largely made up of organized trips, those who are thinking of trying a journey by themselves should be aware of the logistical problems of such challenges.  Transport is a big issue, as cycling on the roads of Nepal is certainly not a wise way to traverse the country, particularly around Kathmandu where the drivers are particularly fearless.

White Water Rafting

Another of the activities that has grown significantly in popularity over recent years in Nepal is white water rafting, and with the rivers flowing from the Himalayas it is certainly a great location for it.  As the water flows from the high altitude it comes crashing down on to the valley floors, and the white water often changes into a calm and tranquil river that will allow rafters to enjoy the scenery around them.

There are also several rivers that offer the short half day rafting trip full of excitement up to journeys that can last over a week that will give people a wide range of different rafting experiences.  Rivers like the Karnali river and the TamurRiver are excellent for those looking for longer rafting adventures.  The Trisuli river is within traveling distance from Kathmandu, and is ideal for those who are looking for and exciting day with rapids up to grade four, and want to fit the trip around other activities.

Bungee Jumping

One of the most famous adrenaline sports in the world is Bungee Jumping, and although its roots lie in the mountainous areas of New Zealand, the jump over the gorge of the Bhote Khosi river takes the sport to another level.  A 160 meter leap of faith from a cable car above the river is one of the world’s largest, and will have the blood thumping through the veins of even the most hardened adrenaline junkie.  The gorge is also close to a number of other adrenaline sports destinations too, and can be combined for great thrills and entertainment.

Canyoning And The Canyon Swing

Another of the newest adventure sports to be launched in Nepal is Canyoning, and although the sport is in its early stages it is certainly an enjoyable and thrilling adventure.  Combining abseiling, scrambling down river beds and leaping into deep water pools, Canyoning is a great adventure that puts the great scenery and topography of the Nepalese gorges to great use.  The organized trips are led by experienced guides, and this helps to ensure it is a safe experience as well as being exciting.

Another thrill ride for those who visit the bungee site on the Bhote Khosi river is the Canyon Swing, which is essentially exactly what it sounds like.  Instead of leaping vertically from the bungee jump platform, the Canyon Swing sends the jumper hurtling along the canyon at great speed, and is one of the biggest adrenaline rushes available in Nepal.