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Enjoyable Family Vacation in Australia


Our last holiday in Australia was a mecca to some of the most beautiful cities in the state. We visited the culture capital of Victoria and the state capital, Melbourne, which is the largest city in Australia. Melbourne is sophisticated and boasts of excellent architecture, displays of sculptures and conducts many events that are world-class.

Tourists are greeted with many restaurants and cafes when down under, and look forward to sampling the cuisine. As a connoisseur of food, I visited the Queen Victoria Market, where I was able to pick up a variety of ingredients for cooking up gourmet dishes. I enjoyed the evening at the Crown Melbourne casino, where I was astounded by the mere magnificence of the water feature that was displayed in the foyer!

The Yarra River runs through Melbourne and provides water to many vineyards in this region. We took a day trip to the Phillip Island which is a 90 minute drive from Melbourne. My children had a whale of a time sampling the chocolates and getting their energy levels up at the Paddys Chocolate Factory after being entertained for hours on end with optical illusions, puzzles and mazes at A Maze’N Things. My wife and I led stroll around the conservation area to look at the koalas, sea lions and the amazing variety of birds around.
great alpine road

We unanimously agreed that the drive down the Great Alpine Road after breakfast was a memorable treat and a great experience. This scenic road runs 308 kilometers and is well sealed and accessible throughout the year. This route starts from the North east at Wangaratta to Bairnsdale. Though we could complete this trip in about four and a half hours, we decided to make a stop and have lunch, after which we tried to catch fish while the children spent the afternoon cycling in the area.

We took in several cultural events and visited the theatre and art museums when we were there. We had scheduled our trip for November and since we were around for the first Tuesday in the month, I even placed a small wager at the racing event that is popularly known as the Melbourne Cup.

Our family voted Australia as one of the best tourist destinations in the world and confirmed that they had great fun during the entire trip. We enjoyed visiting this wine country and found several good bed and breakfast places that tourists could stay and explore the surroundings. The scenery was breathtaking, the rides enjoyable and the tours well conducted.

Asian City Break Destinations

Travellers who want to experience a stellar holiday can take a city break in one of Asia’s electrifying metropolises. Many of these prominent cities feature unique points of interest and exciting travel adventures. Obtaining an online credit card can help fund these holidays. Here are some of the top choices of Asian cities where visitors can experience a thrilling city break:

This Japanese capital is one of the most sought after travel destinations in the world. This grand metropolis mixes ancient Japanese traditions with modern amenities to create a truly unique city. The iconic Mount Fuji serves as the perfect backdrop. Sacred temples, such as the Sensoji Temple, are commonplace throughout the city. Travellers can ride up to the observation decks of the Tokyo Tower, an impressive structure resembling the Eiffel Tower, to see some of the best views of the city. Tokyo is also home to many museums and cultural centres.

Taipei City
Visitors can find this affluent city just off the coast of Mainland China on the island of Taiwan. Taipei 101, a large tower located in the city center, previously held the record as the world’s tallest building. Travelers can also find the best Taipei hotels surrounding the shopping districts in the downtown area such as Zhongxiao East Road and the Shilin Night Market. The Chiang Kai-shek Memorial Hall is an ideal place to visit for travelers who want to learn more about Taiwan’s history.

Thailand’s premier city boasts many significant sites of interest. The Grand Palace is one of the city’s most acclaimed attractions for its stunning beauty and its history serving as the living quarters for generations of Thai royalty. For an exciting shopping experience, visitors can journey to Siam Paragon, a lavish shopping centre featuring numerous stores, extensive cuisine selections and even a movie theatre and concert hall. The Victory Monument, a towering structure commemorating Thailand’s victory in the Franco-Thai War, is a proud symbol of the city. Bangkok is also known for its immaculate temples such as Wat Arun.

This city serves as the centerpiece of South Korea. Amongst its tall buildings and bustling city life, travellers can find solace in visiting outdoor gathering spaces like Cheonggyecheon. Visitors can also behold the intricate architecture of Namdaemun, a 14th century gateway. Changdeokgung served as a royal palace during the Joseon Dynasty and can be toured. The National Museum of Korea can be visited to learn more about Korean art and history.

Cheap Turkey holidays when on a Budget

turkey at night

Turkey reflects cultures of both the East as well as the West and this is the reason people flock to Turkey for holidays. There is a variety of things to see when you head to this exotic destination. Turkey may be a Muslim country with great Islamic traditions and sentiments, but it gives equal respect to the citizens of other spiritual beliefs.

As you cross the Bosphorus and enter Asia Minor, you approach Istanbul which is to the northwest of Turkey. There are many places to visit when you reach Turkey and it would help if you made your reservations in advance to avoid any kind of disappointment.

Explore the ancient historical sites, when you are on the Aegean Coast while you enjoy cheap Turkey holidays. If you head to Pumukkale, you can witness a waterfall, made of frozen limestone, or you can explore the well preserved ruins at Ephesus. You can journey up to the Temple of Apollo and marvel at the size of the immense columns that people were able to build in early civilizations.

If you are looking for cheap holidays Turkey, enjoy a trip to Marmaris, which is a Turkish resort that is very European in nature. However, if you stroll down to the Old Quarter, you will be surprised to see conventional old Turkish men, playing backgammon, in a typical Turkish atmosphere, seated just a few yards away from the seafront that is dotted with bars.

Travel about five minutes, from Marmaris resort and you will reach a secluded beach in Icmeler, where you can enjoy sunbathing and exploring the nearby places. Enjoy the relaxed ambience of Icmeler and take trips around the various bays on boats. Visit the many bars, restaurants and lively discos in the evenings and have a great time.

Visit Bodrum in the Greek island of Kós to experience great night life, as enjoyed by the Europeans and tourists.  The landscape is coastal and dotted with bays, peninsulas, islands and rich headlands. Tourists head to Bodrum for cheap Turkey holidays to relax, jog and swim, when they are not out enjoying the night life.

A visit Turkey to enjoy a cheap holiday is a great choice considering the quality of the experience that awaits you. Do not forget to visit the beaches of Antalya on the Mediterranean and try to include Istanbul where you can experience a contrasting culture. Istanbul is a shopper’s paradise which you should take advantage of when you visit Turkey.

Visit the UNESCO world heritage site at Cappadocia where you will be captivated with fairy chimneys and astounding geological formations.

Last, but not least, enjoy visiting the various historical sites and view the artistic and cultural attractions at Ankara to ensure that you have made a wonderful choice when you choose Turkey for a great holiday destination. Explore the remnants of the ruins from the Ottoman Empire and visit the museums to learn more about the rich history of Turkey. There is no doubt that travelling to Turkey for a cheap holiday is a great idea for travelers who are on a budget.

Experience A Relaxing Holiday

If you wish to enjoy a holiday away from the crowds, you should escape to Desroches Island, which is a secluded luxury island that is ideal for de-stressing and escaping the pressures of daily life. Many couples and families head to this beautiful island that has a ring-shaped coral reef around it. If you step out onto the verandah, you can behold a variety of birds, plenty of sea life and tropical lush foliage.

Desroches Island Resort has nearly 26 luxury villas and 20 junior sites that guarantee privacy even when the resort is occupied with people. You reach the beach within a few minutes and you can avail of the bicycles provided by the resort to explore the beautiful island. Each room contains king size beds or two single beds with large bathrooms. The rooms are also fitted with outdoor showers, beautiful verandas and tasteful private lounges that overlook the sea, or garden. You can get butler service or use the culinary kitchen and dining room that are provided in the villas. An infinity pool is also provided.

For those who prefer the upscale dining experience, two restaurants are available, which offer three meals every day. You can order local beers, spirits, house wine and soft drinks or you can get a picnic basket full of snacks, if you so desire. Whether you sit in the restaurant, beach restaurant or enjoy the al fresco on the private veranda, you can order fresh and local cuisine that serves dishes that are produced on the island.

Activities by way of leisure pursuits include matches played on the floodlit tennis court, guided snorkeling tours to view angelfish, as well as sea turtles from up close, or just exploring the shorefront. Take a bicycle and picnic basket and enjoy relaxing on the beaches, or in the jungles, where you can enjoy the beauty of nature.

You can enlist for diving courses at PADI, or NAUI in Desroches, so that you can avail of any of the 14 classified diving sites. The other sports activities offered are sea kayaking and wind-surfing. Sports enthusiasts, who prefer fly-fishing and big game fishing can make arrangements for boats, as well as get their supplies of tackle from the Island Resort.

The island ensures that they closely monitor the population of fish and maintain organic farming. They take care to preserve the native species, which are rare or endangered by making sure that there is no impact with human activities. They try to involve the guests in awareness programs of conservation so that the sea life, wild birds and fauna of this unique island is preserved.

If you are only interested in relaxing in Four Seasons Seychelles then you can book yourself a massage the Coconut Spa or relax by the poolside with a book and a refreshing drink. The Desroches Island Resort has been planned with conservation in mind of the natural features of the island to ensure proper sustenance.

Experience The Festivities Of Thailand Holidays

Many countries celebrate special holidays and Thailand is one of them, though they celebrate not only public holidays, but a few private ones as well. Public holidays are generally on New Year’s Day which is January 1st. People enjoy their holidays and visitors to Thailand experience new types of celebrations. The start of the Gregorian and solar year is celebrated on this day. The Buddhist day is on February 3rd and the 6th of April marks the Chakri Memorial Day.

The Songkran Festival is a three day holiday which starts on April 13th till the 15th. This is one of their big holidays where everyone takes time off to celebrate. The festivals in May are the Vesak, The Royal Ploughing Ceremony and the Coronation Day. Vassa and Asalha Puja are in July while in August the HM the Queen’s birthday is celebrated with great pomp and splendor. Tribute is paid to King Chulalongkom, who passed away in October 1910 and is still remembered on Chulalongkom Day, with love and affection by the people of Thailand.

In December, some of the major holidays are Constitution Day, New Year’s Eve and HM, the King’s birthday. Though these holidays last only for a day, they are celebrated with great importance by the people of Thailand. Everyone who lives in Thailand celebrates on these days. It would be worthwhile for you to plan your vacation during any of these holidays to learn more about their traditions and observe how other people in the world celebrate. You may have a wonderful time experiencing new type of celebrations and even want to join in the festivities.

The Government observes a few national days though many people may not be able to enjoy these days as holidays. Apart from these days, there are several more days marked on the calendar that are not mentioned in this article. Many have stopped observing these holidays though they are still traditionally followed by some. Some of these are the National Agriculture Day, Duanwu Festival, Chinese New Year and Valentine Day. All the places may not be closed on certain holidays though some people may want to celebrate on those days.

It may be interesting if you take time to try and pronounce these local names for each one of the holidays before you visit Thailand. Perhaps you could take the trouble to memorize a few of the names in their language. The locals are very impressed when you speak in their language or mention one of their Thailand holidays by the native name. Festivals about with plenty of food, music and dancing and the activities vary from one place to another. It is an enjoyable experience to witness something different, when travelling to other destinations on vacation.

Traveling China

xian city wallYou will get some everlasting memories, while making a trip to China. It is a perfect place for enjoying romantic getaways, relaxation, adventure and thrill. You can also enjoy comfortable accommodation, tasty dining, excellent shopping and delightful nightlife here. It is worth to shop around online to find the best deals to travel to China.

Guilin is a fabulous place to visit in China. The strangely shaped hills and green foliage ranging from bamboo to conifers make it a great attraction for tourists. Elephant trunk hill, Reed Flute Cave, Li River and Seven Star Park featuring a stone museum are the must see places in this city. You can reach the city by flight, bus or train.

Xian is situated in the central northwest China. Terracotta warriors are the most significant attractions of this place. They are the important archeological excavations of the 20th century. More than 7,000 ceramic soldiers, horses, chariots and weapons have been found out and most of them have been refurbished to their former magnificence.

Xian city wall is another important attraction. The wall has 18 gates that are open for all tourists. Big Wild Goose Pagoda is located 4 kilometers away from the downtown. It is a holy place for Buddhists. Its simple, yet in spring construction attract thousands of tourists every year. The surrounding scenery is very charming with water fountains and gardens.

Huashan Mountain is located 120 kilometers away from Xian. It is one of the five holy mountains in China. The narrow paths, high mountain ranges and steep cliffs offer a thrilling experience. It houses several Taoist temples. It is regarded as the sacred land of Taoism.

Shanghai is a famous international metropolis. It is becoming the most important economic, cultural, international and technical center of East China. It attracts more and more tourists every year. Shanghai Museum is an important place to visit. It is located in People’s Square. It is divided into eleven galleries and three exhibition halls. The galleries cover almost all the important kinds of Chinese art like Ancient ceramics, bronze, paintings, sculpture, Qing furniture and coins. You can find more than 400 pieces of wonderful bronze wares in this museum.

Jade Buddha temple houses two precious jade Buddhist statues. They are renowned for their rare cultural relics and porcelain artworks. The statues were carved with white jade that gives the beauty of sacredness to Lord Buddha.