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Top Restaurants In Bangkok

Sirocco-Restaurant-in-Thailand-BangkokThe restaurant scene in Bangkok is one of the most varied and interesting in Asia, with cuisines of almost every nation to be found alongside spicy Thai classics and exquisite seafood.  Many people will be familiar with the red and green Thai curries that have gained popularity around the world, and the cuisine in Bangkok offers some of the best Thai dishes.  As well as Thai cuisine the cosmopolitan city also has a number of restaurants run by internationally renowned chefs deliver excellent food from around the world.


Probably the most famous restaurant to be found in Bangkok is the Sirocco, which serves a combination of international and local Thai dishes.  However, the main attraction to visitors to this restaurant is often not the food, but the view and the experience, as it is an open air restaurant at the top of the second highest building in the country.  There is also an open air bar on the rooftop, which makes for a stunning place to spend an evening, enjoying the Bangkok skyline as night falls.

The food in Sirocco is not too bad at all, but the sensational open air views do come at a price when you see the final bill.  The seafood dishes make great use of the amazing fishing around the coast of the city, and the oysters and caviar take pride of place on the menu.

Royal Dragon Restaurant

Another of the Bangkok restaurants that can boast a gimmick is the Royal Dragon Restaurant, which is the former Guinness Book of Records record holder for the largest restaurant with over 5,000 covers.  The restaurant itself combines food with theatre, and there are regular Thai culture shows that can be enjoyed along with the meal.

The food itself is a combination of cuisines from across Asia, and the option to order seafood by weight and to request the manner of cooking is an interesting option.  It is generally best to stick with local cuisine to get the best dishes in the restaurant, but the additional gimmick of waiters on roller skates is a little much for our tastes.

Oasis Lounge

Another restaurant that is quickly developing an excellent reputation for top Thai food is the Oasis Lounge, which is located just a short walk away from the famous Patpong Night Market.  The emphasis at this restaurant is good Thai food at competitive prices, and while it may not have the refinement of the top restaurants charging the top prices, the Thai food on offer here is second to none.  This city centre restaurant is well worth a visit for any visitor to Bangkok.

Vegetarian And Vegan Restaurants

One of the interesting aspects of the dining culture in Bangkok is the sheer number of vegetarian and vegan restaurants in the city, which may have developed because of the popularity of Thailand as an ‘alternative’ holiday destination.  The great produce that is available in the country is certainly reflected in the dishes that appear on the table, but the small places such as the Rasayana Raw Food Café and Bonita are among the must visit places for vegetarians and vegans.

International Cuisine

The sheer number of different cuisines that are vying for a place on your taste buds in Bangkok makes it difficult to summarize all the places, but Italian, German and French cuisines all take their place alongside Asian favorites.  Up market restaurants such as The Reflexions and Napa on 26 both cater for those looking for a tasty and sophisticated flavor of European cuisine.

As with any major city there are also a number of restaurants to be found inside the major hotels, with Le Normandie at the Mandarin Oriental delivering an authentic taste of French cuisine, while Le Square at the Novotel is another top French restaurant in the city.

The Top Treks In Nepal

Trekking in the HimalayasAs a country that boasts eight of the world’s fourteen highest mountains within its borders, it is unsurprising that some of the world’s best treks are to be enjoyed in the country.  The epic snow capped mountains and clear mountain air make these areas particularly attractive for visitors, and for those hardy souls willing to walk at altitude they really can get close to these majestic rock formations.  When choosing your trekking group or guide it is always worth having a good look at the itinerary, and ensuring that it does include some days scheduled for acclimatization to the high altitudes.

 The Trek To Everest Base Camp

 The real icon of Nepal is Mount Everest, or Chomolungma as it is known by the Nepalese, and standing at 8,848 meters tall it is truly a spectacular sight whether it is seen from land or from the air.  Base camp itself is at 5,380 meters above sea level, with most trekkers flying into LuklaAirport on a small airplane before ascending to base camp.  Here trekkers will rub shoulders with the mountaineers preparing for their ascent of Everest, and will already have enjoyed some superb Himalayan scenery climbing to this point.

Acclimatization is particularly important on this trek, as the airport at Lukla is already at 2,860 meters above sea level where altitude sickness can begin.  The base camp itself is almost a small town based from tents, with many of the organized groups having large groups of tents together.  Organized efforts to clear tons of rubbish from the area have also made base camp a much more pleasant place to be.

The Annapurna Circuit

The second most popular route among trekkers visiting Nepal is the epic Annapurna Circuit, which takes the walkers around the stunning Annapurna Massif.  The trek itself can often last up to three weeks, and includes a sensational pass walk from Pisang to Manang that has some of the best traditional Tibetan villages on the walk.  Those wanting to get a closer look of the peak can ascend to Annapurna Base Camp, which offers sensational views in good weather conditions.

This is a great trek for those who don’t want to stray too far from their home comforts, and many of the hostels along the route, particularly at lower altitudes can boast luxuries such as hot showers.  Although much of the trek was historically remote and away from civilization, roads have been built to help supply and fulfill the needs of the trekker industry.

Kanchenjunga North And South Base Camp

Kanchenjunga is a mountain that lies on the border between Nepal and India, and because of its remote location has not developed as much of a trekking industry as those around Annapurna and Everest.  For those looking for a traditional taste of Nepal this is certainly a journey that will take you through many traditional villages and allow you to meet some of the local people here who still enjoy a life largely untouched by the outside world.  This route also offers some of the best mountain views in the country, along with trekking through beautiful Rhododendron forests.

The Manaslu Circuit

Another hidden gem of the treks available in Nepal is the Manaslu circuit, which journeys around the eighth largest mountain in the world.  This idyllic area on the border with Tibet offers one of the best opportunities in the country, with a trek that rises from a low altitude through sub-tropical forests up to the stunning high altitude Larkya La pass.  Highlights that visitors can enjoy on this trek include a superb hilltop monastery that boasts great mountain views, and trekking through some of the most beautiful narrow gorges in the country.

The Top Hotels When You Stay In Tokyo

tokyo_towerChoosing the right hotel can make all the difference to your enjoyment of any journey, whether it is a holiday or for business purposes, and Tokyo has a wide variety of different hotels available.  For such a large city with a significant financial district, many of the hotels in Tokyo do cater to the business market, but we have considered a number of factors when picking out our favorites.  Hotels in Japan do tend to have smaller rooms than can be found elsewhere around the world, with economy of space being especially at a premium in Tokyo.

The Park Hyatt Hotel

This is a hotel that has been made famous due to its appearance in a movie, but it is the high standard of the service and the exquisite rooms that make this hotel one of the best five star hotels in the city.  The hotel itself takes up the top fourteen floors of the ShinjukuParkTower, and standing way above the surrounding streets the hotel is actually quite peaceful considering it is right at the heart of one of Tokyo’s most popular shopping districts.  The hotel also boasts some superb views over the city and beyond, with Mount Fuji visible on a clear day.

The film ‘Lost in Translation’ actually takes place in the hotel, and while the views from the bar in the hotel are superb, the service and fittings are equally impressive.

The Conrad Hotel

Another of the luxury hotels that can be found in the city centre of Tokyo is the Conrad Hotel, and with its exceptional views over the bay it certainly is very attractive in terms of the location of the building.  For those using the hotel as a short stop before exploring the country, its transport links are also great being located very close to the Shiodome train station, which makes it easy to get to the airport.

However, it is the interior of the hotel which is really impressive, and with a stylish look in all of the rooms and a very high quality of furnishings, this is a very nice hotel to stay in.  The hotel also boasts two restaurants run by the famous chef Gordon Ramsay, with one offering formal dining and a second restaurant offering quality food in more relaxed surroundings.

Hotel Sunroute Plaza

Like many other hotels the SunroutePlaza is one that caters to a significant portion of business customers as well as leisure visitors.  Although the hotel is one that is much more competitively priced than the five star hotels above, the rooms are still reasonably sized and are very comfortable for an overnight visit.  The bar and restaurant are both reasonably priced and the food is fine, with an Italian restaurant too for those looking for something a bit different from the traditional Japanese fare.

The key feature with this hotel is that it is located right at the centre of Tokyo with good transport links, making it an ideal stop for those traveling on a budget.

Hotel Yanagibashi

For those who are looking for a real bargain when traveling to Tokyo, the rooms at the Hotel Yanagibashi are available at a very affordable price compared to some of the others on offer in the city.  As you would expect at the bargain end of the market the location of the hotel is a short distance from the city centre, but this can be quickly traveled on the subway.

For the hotel itself the rooms are compact but very comfortable, and because it is slightly out of the city centre it is in quite a quiet location too.  While it may not be the Conrad or the Park Hyatt in terms of luxury, this hotel is as good as you can get on a tight budget.