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Top Things To Do In Japan

Fuji-Hakone-Izu National ParkMany people will be familiar with Japan as one of the most industrially and economically successful countries in Asia, but it can also boasts a wide range of activities that visitors can enjoy too.  Whether you are looking for an amazing shopping experience in one of the world’s most cosmopolitan capital or you are looking to relax in idyllic surroundings, then Japan is the right destination for you.  Japan has certainly suffered in terms of tourism recently, but the country is still one of the most attractive in Asia and has plenty of activities to help keep visitors busy.

Visit The Icon Of Japan – Mount Fuji

Mount Fuji is one of the most distinctive mountains in the world, standing well above the tiny foothills that lie around it, and this has helped the image of the mountain become known around the world.  For those who have an adventurous streak, Mount Fuji is certainly a very popular mountain to climb, with the majority of people ascending to the summit during the summer months.  Mount Fuji is also a particularly popular spot for paragliders in Japan, and the low number of other mountains in the vicinity and the wonderful surroundings make it a great place to see from the sky.

For those who are a little less adventurous, the views of Mount Fuji from LakeYamanaka are absolutely spectacular, particularly during the calm days when the waters are so still they can demonstrate a clear reflection of the mountain.

Travel On A Bullet Train

The development of the Bullet Train, or the ‘Shinkansen’ as it is known in Japanese has been one of the great post-war successes in Japan, making travel between the major cities in the country a very quick and enjoyable journey.  The Tokaido line on the train also offers magnificent views of Mount Fuji as it whisks you quietly and comfortably between Osaka and Tokyo at up to 186mph.  No trip to Japan is complete without one of these ultra fast journeys on the sleek ‘Shinkansen’.

Enjoy The Cherry Blossom Festival

During the spring in Japan the cherry trees come into flower, and between the months of March and May many people will gather for a traditional celebration under the cherry blossom in many public spaces.  This tradition is known as ‘Hanami’ in Japan, and the type of celebration held will often vary depending on the people.  Younger people will often host a party in these spaces and enjoy food and drink with their friends, while older people will relax with a picnic below the cherry blossom.

Shopping In Tokyo

The bustling streets of Tokyo are a godsend to those who would love to spend their time shopping, and with such a large city it is natural that there are shops catering to almost everyone.  Many of the districts see similar types of shops opening in the same area, which can often make it easier for those looking to shop for specific items.  Ginza and Marunouchi are great for those looking for designer names and luxury goods, while young people looking for cutting edge shopping should head to Harajuku.

Skiing In Hokkaido

Hokkaido is the northernmost island in Japan, and the distance from the equator along with a suitable mountain range has helped to give a wonderful backdrop for a number of skiing resorts.  Whether you are new to the sport or are experienced and looking for a challenging black route on the slopes, resorts such as Kamui and Sapporo have a selection of routes to enjoy.  Because of the excellent flight and train connections, it is also quick and easy to get to Hokkaido to enjoy some time on the slopes.

The Top Adventure Activities To Enjoy In India

skiing-indiaAs one of the largest countries in the world, it is appropriate that India can also boast some of the largest mountains and rivers too, and these are among the features that make India a growing destination for those with a taste for adventure.  Many people will associate India with its huge cities and population centers, but it is also a country with beautiful scenery and many areas that are very remote and inaccessible.  From the adrenaline junkie to the adventure seeker looking for a week in the mountains, India has an adventure holiday to meet their expectations.

Rafting And Kayaking

One of the most popular adventure activities for visitors to India is the exploration of their rivers, and rivers such as the Brahmaputra flowing from the Himalayas are a great source of white water excitement.  One of the real features that those enjoying rafting and kayaking will be looking for is white water, and these rivers will offer sections including the very challenging grade five rapids, while there are also more relaxed sections of river that will allow visitors to relax and enjoy the scenery.

For the vast majority of people, going on an organized trip will make much more sense, as having guides with local knowledge will certainly help to ensure that visitors can get the most from their visit.  Another benefit of an organized trip is that they will have all the facilities for the transport and storage of the equipment throughout the journey.

Skiing And Snowboarding In India

With India generally being perceived as a dry and arid country many people will be surprised to see that Snowboarding and Skiing are among the adventure sports available in the country.  These are available on the slopes of the HimalayanMountains, where the altitude means that wonderful powder snow makes for a great experience.  These slopes are great for those experienced people who want to be able to go by themselves or as a small group, and there are also heli-skiing trips available for those who want to include a helicopter ride to the top of the slopes.

It is worth noting that the slopes in India are in the Kashmir region, with the Gulmarg Ski Resort being some twenty miles from the border with Pakistan.  Although historically there has been a stand off between India and Pakistan, most people will enjoy their trip without trouble.

Rock Climbing And Trekking

India is a real destination for those who are looking to explore the Himalayas, and with a number of ‘trekking peaks’ available for those with a real taste for adventure there is some of the world’s best treks to be found here.  One of the most popular areas of the country for trekking is Ladakh, with some of the easier journeys enjoying pleasant vistas and comfortable walking along valley floors, while others offer challenging trekking at altitude.

For those looking for a real climbing challenge, Kanchenjunga is the world’s third highest mountain and lies on the border between India and Nepal.  Accessible from the North Sikkim region of India, the mountains in this area tend to be quite challenging, but the isolated location and the undeveloped nature of the country around the mountains make it a charming place to visit and to go climbing.


Another activity that is growing in popularity in India is paragliding, and the in the states that border on to the Himalayas there are a number of places where people can enjoy the experience of soaring in the air.  Unlike parachuting where the individual is dropped from an airplane, the paraglider is launched by foot, and then soars on winds and current above the ground.  Destinations such as Kamshet and Jammu are particularly popular among those looking for a different kind of buzz by soaring with a paraglider.