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Reasons to go on Safari in Tanzania

tanzania safariTanzania situated in central east Africa is a country that can offer so much. It is the land with such dramatic and diverse landscapes encompassing famous and romantic places including Kilimanjaro, Zanzibar and The Serengeti. The Serengeti National Park is packed full of magnificent scenes of natural beauty and absolute wonders of the earth. The wildlife the country offers is truly astounding and the historical importance is amazing.
Tanzania has the oldest known inhabited areas on earth that date back 2 million years. It was also believed to have supported pre-historic hunter gatherer tribes. There is evidence of such people in specialist areas within Tanzania. In addition, the tourist industries surrounding Tanzania holidays are forward thinking and innovative. They are known to support many poverty alleviation and environmental protective schemes, using local resources wherever possible and providing fair pay rates to their employees. Tanzania adventure holidays can be a unique and unforgettable experience.

The word safari is said to mean ‘travel’ in the Swahili language and there’s certainly much exotic travelling to do on safari in Tanzania. One can travel to many exotic and scenic locations that are teaming with native wildlife.
Lake Manyara is one such exotic place. It is a massive alkaline lake that supports flocks of pink flamingos, en route there are herds of elephants and tree climbing big cats to be spotted. On the vast Serengeti plains herds of zebra, wildebeest and gazelle gracefully graze along with giraffe, buffalo and warthog. There’s also a chance to view the natural predators of these grazing animals in action, big cats such as lions, cheetah and leopards roam around the plains, sniffing the air for potential prey. The Ngorangoro Crater is an enormous crater left by a collapsed volcano. It is 16 miles in diameter and is covered on its sides by lush, dense forest. In its crater is natural grassland, wetland and a lake, ideal for supporting further magnificent African wildlife. Tanzania adventure holidays provide superb wildlife adventures.

The Olduvai Gorge is the area where the ancient archaeology can be found.
Also known as the ‘Cradle of mankind’, the gorge is said to hold the secrets of man’s early evolutionary heritage. Fossils have been found here that date back 2 million years. For those that want to immerse themselves in the culture of the people on Tanzania holidays, the experienced guides know of friendly local villages spread across the Rift valley escarpments that welcome tourists and can actively involve them in village activities. These activities can vary from traditional brick making in wood fired kilns to milking goats or jewellery making.

Accommodation on a big game safari in Tanzania can be varied but always safe and comfortable. There are bush campsites, (often with swimming pools), which allows the appreciation of the countryside and wildlife and are always fully staffed to provide excellent catering arrangements. There is also the opportunity of experiencing luxury camping involving thatched tented accommodation complete with en suite facilities and gourmet meals.
Comfortable lodges are another possibility while enjoying Tanzania holidays.
Tanzania adventure holidays offer lots of choice, there is something for everyone.