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Top Things To Do In Mumbai

The Shangri-La Hotel, Kuala LumpurMumbai is the largest city in India, and as you would expect from such a bustling metropolis there is no shortage of activities and sights that can be seen in this wonderful city.  As one of the economic powerhouses in India, Mumbai (formerly known as Bombay) is a huge city with over twelve million people living there, but there are also some very beautiful areas in and around the city too.

Sightseeing In Mumbai

Although there are some fantastic examples of modern architecture to be seen in the modern business areas of Mumbai, the majority of people visiting the city will enjoy the more traditional architecture of the city.  A very popular visitor attraction to be found on the campus of the University of Mumbai is the Rajabai Clock Tower.  This clearly shows the imperial history of India, as it was designed to imitate London’s Big Ben clock tower, and is a beautiful traditional building.

Another of the major visitor attractions to be seen in Mumbai is the Gateway Of India, a huge arch which stands on the waterfront in the south of the city.  This massive arch would have traditionally been the first thing that visitors arriving by boat would have seen off the coast of Mumbai, and has been graced by many dignitaries and visitors since it was completed back in 1924.  As it is located at the busy waterfront of the city, the ‘Gateway’ is at the heart of life in Mumbai, and is a great place to get a first taste of the city.

The Elephanta Caves

The ElephantaCaves is one of two UNESCO heritage sites to be found in Mumbai, and the amazing interior of these caves is truly spectacular.  The solid basalt rock of the caves has been carved and shaped in many areas of the cave system, and these carvings are a truly remarkable demonstration of the skill and the talent of the craftsmen that worked here.  As well as the remarkable skill of the carvings, there is also the fact that the cave is full of such carved scenes and statues depicting many of the traditional gods, along with the ornate pillars carved in the caves.

The significance of the carvings to be found in these caves is that they are some of the oldest and most elaborate representations of the god Shiva.  The caves themselves were significantly restored in the 1970s, and were subsequently designated as a UNESCO heritage site in 1987.  The caves are on ElephantaIsland, which is a short boat ride away from Mumbai harbor and are open from Tuesday to Sunday.

Enjoy India’s National Sport – Cricket

When it comes to the passions of the people of India, there is little that can eclipse the love that the people have for cricket, and Mumbai is a great place to enjoy a game of cricket.  Although the traditional forms of cricket are still popular in Mumbai, the shortened version of the game known as 20-20 cricket that is played in the Indian Premier League has really become massively popular over recent years.  A trip to the Wankhede Stadium to see the Mumbai Indians playing in the IPL is a true sight to behold with cheerleaders and all the pizzazz of top end sport, with the shortened version of the game proving to be a really exciting spectacle too.

Shopping In Mumbai

As you would expect from such a large and prestigious city, Mumbai has a wealth of shopping opportunities for those looking to spend an afternoon browsing the wares of the locals.  While there are still many traditional markets offering fabrics, artistic goods and keepsakes to be found around the city, the locals looking for international brands will head to the modern shopping malls.  There are many such shopping malls available, but some of the largest include the Atvia Mall and the GrandHyattPlaza which both offer a wealth of international branded goods and retail outlets.