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Places to Visit in Kuala Lumpur

petronas twin towersMalaysia has many different types of cities but we are going to check out one in particular Kuala Lumpur. In the next few paragraphs we are going to see what you can do in this particular city as it has so much to offer and it has many tourist attractions.

Petronas Twin Towers – This is the main attraction to go and visit as it has made its name for itself as Sean Connery and Katherine Zeta-Jones made part of their film here which was called “Entrapment.” The company that runs this building produces 1,000 free tickets per day but it is only on a first come first basis. You can get tours that will allow you to go to the 41st and 42nd floor but these are only with a tour guide, however it will be defiantly worth it with a tour guide as you will know so much more information about the history behind it.

Pavilion Mall – As Malaysia is known for its cheap products it may be worth getting an extra suit case as Pavilion Mall is supposed to be the next main attraction. It has many shops within the mall that you will not to stop yourself shopping. If you are looking for something to eat then there is a food court which has many different varieties of foods that you can choose from.

Merdeka Square – If you are looking to see some historical facts about Kuala Lumpur then Merdeka Square if defiantly the place to visit. Back in 1957 the union jack was lowered in the square which made independence for Malaysia. You will also able to see the flag pole which has the Malaysian national flag on it and it is the largest one in the world.

Bird Park - Are you a big bird fan or looking to take a rest from the city, then you will be most attracted to come and visit this bird sanctuary. You will able to some amazing pictures which you will not forget. You will probably only need to spend half the day there but you will be glad that you have visited this wonderful Bird park. If you want your Bird Park extra special then you can pay an extra 2RM so that you can feed the lorikeets. If you are looking to do this it will be worth it as it will put a smile on your face.

Traveling Around in Asia Cheaply

singapore marketAs the title says, if you are looking forward to explore each and every destination of Asia at cheap price, then you are at the right place. We have here designed some of the basic tips which you must follow in order to get your self a good bargain. Most of the Asian countries are quite cheap due to their low economy but still these tips will be helpful for you in the long run. So pay a close attention to it. it will not take more than 5 minutes of yours.

➢ While traveling across in Asia try to use as much public vehicle as possible. Since they are cheap and quite efficient, you will enjoy the journey on it and that too at a cheap rate.
➢ When shopping for souvenirs like handicrafts and clothing stay out of tourist shops in airports and shopping centers. Try local markets and small shops where there will likely be the same souvenirs (or better) at far lower prices.
➢ In most of the Asian countries, bargaining is quite a usual trend, so don’t ever hesitate while bargaining with them. Don’t worry about communication gap or any other thing, just be polite and place your offer. I am sure that you will get some good results to see.
➢ Make friends with locals. Free meals, rides and a place to stay are benefits that can save you a lot of money and not to mention give you a more memorable travel experience.
➢ In various Asian countries, there are various special offers stick to them, so you must try to explore as much as possible. Either search it on the net or gain information from the people out there, but be alert and you will get on the right track for sure.
➢ Plan your day and how you’re going to get where you’re going. Unnecessary transportation costs because of poor planning and indecision can really add up, so plan a logical route for your day and how you’re going to get from place to place.

These are the efficient and easy tips which you must follow while you are on a trip to Asia, I am sure that it will not only keep your trip under your budget but you will also have a great fun out there.

Tips while traveling to Asia

travelAsia has always been one of the best travel destinations for the people all over the world. If you are also among them, then I will not be surprised. Asia is not only the biggest continent in the world, but it is also immensely filled with lots of different countries having their own distinct culture and traditions. Now only this but inexpensive accommodation, food and local transport make this region one of the world’s most popular backpacker and cheap travel destinations. So if you have decided to visit this place physically then you must go forward.

India, Sri Lanka, Nepal, China and many others all offer you some thing or the other to have fun with. You will never bore in this pleasant continent. I assure you of that. Some of the most popular holiday destinations in Southeast Asia, such as Thailand’s beach resorts, are naturally more expensive than less-travelled areas in Laos, Cambodia or Myanmar, but most Southeast Asian countries offer something for all travel budgets from rock-bottom cheap to five-star luxury.

There you will never face any problem with the accommodation facilities or food facilities. Yes, food is another amazing standard which you can explore out there. There are so many tastes to be explored that you might take a whole long year to have them. Most of the people just don’t feel like moving away from this special continent. It is evenly filled with natural landscape, vaulting mountains and with splashing rivers. These all special features make them for you lots of opportunities to be explored out there.

Now if we talk about the traveling medium out there, then also there is hardly any problem which you will face out there. Several low-cost airlines operate on the Indian subcontinent, and budget airlines connect most of Southeast Asia’s big cities. But the cheapest (and a more environmentally friendly) way to travel in Asia is by public transport. Local trains and buses in most Asian countries are very affordable. So what are you waiting for?

Just check out the Asia and then you will have a feel of that you have explored any travel destination. Enjoy it in style.

Dream Cruises

cruiseImagine a dream in which you’re drifting serenely along Shanghai’s Grand Canal before stepping into an exquisite city garden. Then you find yourself in Tokyo, wandering onwards until you’re amidst the fabulous temples, courtyards and pavilions of Beijing’s stunning Forbidden City. A little later, you find yourself looking up at a soaring vista of sky lanterns ascending into the night sky of Taipei, Taiwan. If you think that sequences like this can only happen while youíre asleep, think again. This is a fairly typical itinerary for Far East cruises: it’s a dream that cruise holidays can make true and itís available for anyone who wants to see this fantastic part of the world for themselves..

The choice of cruises available today is dizzying. As well favorites like Mediterranean cruises and Caribbean cruises, there are Red Sea cruises, Baltic cruises, and even cruises to the Antarctic! Cruise operators like P&O Cruises, Thomson Cruises, Princess Cruises and Costa Cruises run fleets of ships, offering a choice between smaller, more intimate vessels and lavish floating castles! This range, in addition to the excellent cruise deals available continually, ensure that whatever your budget, a cruise experience can be yours. If you’re relatively young and active, or if you’ve got young kids to keep occupied, opting for the larger vessels may be well worth the extra cost. You’ll find anything from onboard water parks, water skiing, ice skating, and rock wall climbing, to numerous pools suitable for all ages. And the price includes not just your en suite cabin, but gourmet food and evening entertainment, too.

Combine a resort holiday with a cruise in one of the many cruise and stay holidays available. Whatever you choose, you’ll never forget your cruise and will always have some fantastic memories of the places you may only get to visit once in your lifetime..

Tips for Edinburgh

edinburghRegardless of which time of year you book cheap flights to Edinburgh, there is always something going on in the city. Once you arrive, one of the best choices for the budget conscious traveller or individual looking to see all the major sites is the Edinburgh Pass. It offers a maximum of £155 worth of entry to 27 of the main attractions in the city, as well as a 90-page guidebook and various discounts from retailers and restaurants. Not to mention free access to public transport around the city and transfers to the airport if, for example you need to take flights to London or flights from Edinburgh to Brussels. In addition, the international airport services countries around the world, so you can easily find flights to most major cities.

In addition, if you find yourself spending a significant amount of time in Scotland, it might also be worth purchasing a Historic Scotland Membership. The pass lasts for a year, costs roughly £40 and provides unlimited access to around 70 historical sites throughout the country, including Edinburgh Castle and Craigmillar Castle. It is a great way to save money above and beyond whatever cheap flights you found and it also provides you with additional discounts to various shops and merchants, a quarterly magazine and 50% off of admission to any English, Welsh or Manx historical site. All in all, these are two of the best tips for touring around Scotland once you have booked your cheap flights to Edinburgh.

Asia Travel Safety Tips

singapore streetWhen traveling to Asia, it’s important to see the historic sites, enjoy the nightlife and visit important cultural venues such as museums but it’s also important to keep your personal safety in mind. Tourists are targets of crime because they don’t know all the local customs, don’t know which areas are crime ridden and don’t know anything about the local police.

When you travel, it’s important to take certain safety precautions. To start, visit the State Department’s website and read the current information on your destination before you travel. The State Department’s current information includes a summary of recent crimes committed against tourists, where they happened and what to look out for. The information will include warnings about everything from crime hotspots to upcoming protests so it’s an important resource for any traveler.

If the State Department has issued a travel advisory about a particular country, it might be a good idea to postpone your trip. You don’t want to end up in the middle of a coup or civil war. If your destination isn’t about to be plunged into chaos and there hasn’t been a string of murders around your hotel, it’s time to start thinking about what to take with you and what to leave behind.

The most important rule is to not look like a target. Don’t wear expensive jewelry or clothing that will make you stand out as a rich mark to footpads and cut purses. You don’t want to attract their attention by wearing copious amounts of diamonds and gold.

It’s also not a good idea to carry cash and what cash you do carry should be stored in a money belt. Money belts have zippered compartments where you can store cash and documents out of reach of thieves and for this reason they are an invaluable travel accessory. Rather than carry cash, bring credit cards and travelers checks. Unlike cash, you can replace both these things if they’re stolen.

Of course, credit cards and travelers checks aren’t the only valuables you’ll be bringing with you so anything of worth that you won’t be carrying on your person should be stored in your hotel’s safe both day and night. If you have to bring a laptop with you, spend $20 before you leave to buy a laptop lock.

In many ways, being safe in an Asian city is the same as being safe in an American one. Try not to wander off the beaten path into alleyways or slums that could conceal criminal elements. If you stay close to other tourists you may make yourself a target of pickpockets but you won’t be the target of violent crimes.

As a tourist, you have a lot of control over whether or not you are perceived as a target based on how you dress, where you travel and what you do. As long as you exercise some common sense, dress modestly and pay attention to State Department warnings, you should be fine. By consciously minimizing the risks to your safety you’ll be better able to enjoy your vacation.