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I Heart Turkey

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I’m biased, I love Turkey, yet the southern resort of Alanya doesn’t need me to rave about it, it does it all for itself.

You can fly to Antalya airport from most UK airports, with low-cost airlines getting in on the action, saving you hard-earned cash. Save your stress levels and lira by booking those essential extras, after all, the less stress the better!

Any resort in Turkey guarantees a great time, with culture, sun, sea and fantastic hospitality. Families, couples and singles alike are welcomed with open arms, and you can’t help but have a fantastic time.

Alanya is a green resort, with clean, wide beaches and clear water. There are regular boat trips, a great way to tan, but remember your sun-cream – Turkish sun is very strong! There are many fantastic spots for diving, with all manner of marine life to see. A regular hydrofoil also visits nearby Northern Cyprus – confuse your relatives by sending a postcard!

The beach is the centre-point, with plentiful sun-beds, many water-sports and bars and restaurants. There’s also an aquapark, perfect for a spot of cooling down, and a great day out for the kids.

Shopping is fun in Alanya, with haggling the name of the game on the markets. Expect to pay considerably less than the asking price, and don’t be scared to be a little cheeky! Handbags, purses, leather goods, clothes, trinkets and spices are plentiful.

Nightlife is varied and lively, with nightclubs, bars and restaurants offering international and local cuisine. Be sure to try some traditional Turkish food, it’s delicious and extremely good value. If puddings are your thing, try kunefe, loosely based on cheese-cake, it melts in the mouth. Baklava is another favourite of mine, as well chicken kebabs, wrap-style. Delicious, although they occasionally come with chips inside, which I’m not a fan of!


alanya turkeyFeeling the need for culture? The town’s castle dates back more than 2000 years. Head to the top for stunning views – don’t forget your camera! Alanya museum gives a deeper understanding of the history of the area, including stories from Ottoman rule.

The Red Tower is a famous landmark and fort, an important symbol of Turkish maritime history. A tip – the doorway is very small, duck otherwise you’ll have a bruise to remember your trip by! There are different floors inside, including a museum, octagonal water tank, and a spectacular view from the top.

Getting around the town is simple, with regular minibuses, or Dolmus. To hail the dolmus, simply hold your arm out and shout “stop” when you want to get off – simple! Taxis are also available. If you like a little more independence, you can hire a car, although beware, driving in Turkey is generally at your own risk!

The area around Alanya is beautiful, very green and hilly, with ancient caves to explore. Sapadere Canyon is 40km from Alanya but if you can get there, it’s definitely worth it for the spectacular scenery.

Turkey may seem far away, but it’s certainly not, and thanks to low-cost airlines, anyone can visit this middle-eastern delight. Booking your holiday extras, such as Birmingham Airport Parking helps save time, stress and money. Flying from Gatwick? Gatwick parking is also available at fantastic rates, along with other time savers, including airport hotels.

So Turkey – my favourite place. I could rave it about it all day, but book and see for yourself – head to Alanya this summer and see if you agree.

Cheap Turkey holidays when on a Budget

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Turkey reflects cultures of both the East as well as the West and this is the reason people flock to Turkey for holidays. There is a variety of things to see when you head to this exotic destination. Turkey may be a Muslim country with great Islamic traditions and sentiments, but it gives equal respect to the citizens of other spiritual beliefs.

As you cross the Bosphorus and enter Asia Minor, you approach Istanbul which is to the northwest of Turkey. There are many places to visit when you reach Turkey and it would help if you made your reservations in advance to avoid any kind of disappointment.

Explore the ancient historical sites, when you are on the Aegean Coast while you enjoy cheap Turkey holidays. If you head to Pumukkale, you can witness a waterfall, made of frozen limestone, or you can explore the well preserved ruins at Ephesus. You can journey up to the Temple of Apollo and marvel at the size of the immense columns that people were able to build in early civilizations.

If you are looking for cheap holidays Turkey, enjoy a trip to Marmaris, which is a Turkish resort that is very European in nature. However, if you stroll down to the Old Quarter, you will be surprised to see conventional old Turkish men, playing backgammon, in a typical Turkish atmosphere, seated just a few yards away from the seafront that is dotted with bars.

Travel about five minutes, from Marmaris resort and you will reach a secluded beach in Icmeler, where you can enjoy sunbathing and exploring the nearby places. Enjoy the relaxed ambience of Icmeler and take trips around the various bays on boats. Visit the many bars, restaurants and lively discos in the evenings and have a great time.

Visit Bodrum in the Greek island of Kós to experience great night life, as enjoyed by the Europeans and tourists.  The landscape is coastal and dotted with bays, peninsulas, islands and rich headlands. Tourists head to Bodrum for cheap Turkey holidays to relax, jog and swim, when they are not out enjoying the night life.

A visit Turkey to enjoy a cheap holiday is a great choice considering the quality of the experience that awaits you. Do not forget to visit the beaches of Antalya on the Mediterranean and try to include Istanbul where you can experience a contrasting culture. Istanbul is a shopper’s paradise which you should take advantage of when you visit Turkey.

Visit the UNESCO world heritage site at Cappadocia where you will be captivated with fairy chimneys and astounding geological formations.

Last, but not least, enjoy visiting the various historical sites and view the artistic and cultural attractions at Ankara to ensure that you have made a wonderful choice when you choose Turkey for a great holiday destination. Explore the remnants of the ruins from the Ottoman Empire and visit the museums to learn more about the rich history of Turkey. There is no doubt that travelling to Turkey for a cheap holiday is a great idea for travelers who are on a budget.

Hotel in Olu Deniz

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Olu Deniz is a fantastic holiday destination for families, couples and groups of all ages but it’s important to pick your hotel carefully; you don’t want all night parties next door while your children are trying to sleep or kids running around, dive-bombing the swimming pool on your romantic getaway. So we’ve put together a compilation of some of the best hotels in Olu Deniz to help you book the perfect accommodation for your Turkey holiday.

Hotels for families
The most popular family-friendly hotel in Olu Deniz according to TripAdvisor is Lykia World Olu Deniz. Not only is it a five star luxury hotel in a stunning area of the resort but reviewers have also commented on the amazing quality of the restaurant’s food, the beautiful hotel gardens and the 19 swimming pools so there’s something for all ages! Sometimes family holidays need to be a little less luxurious but still packed with action and this is where the Karbel Sun Hotel comes in. It’s just 300 metres from the famous Belcekiz beach, 100 metres from the centre of Olu deniz and the beautiful Blue Lagoon is only 10 minutes’ walk away so it’s perfect for being right in the centre of the resort and there’s a childrens’ pool and play area too so you can relax whilst the kids keep busy.

Hotels for groups
The best accommodation for lively groups is in the centre of the resort so hotels such as Tonoz Beach hotel (just 30m from the beach), Hotel Asena (100m from the beach) and the ATA Lagoon Hotel are great choices. TripAdvisor reviewers have picked the Belcehan Hotel as one of their top choices for groups and it’s easy to see why with its large pools, snack bar, restaurant and beautiful surroundings but if you want something a little quieter, the Olu Deniz Resort Hotel is worth a look.

Hotels for couples
LykiaWorld is also a popular choice for couples as the beautiful rooms, massage services, adult pools, quality restaurants and its position right next to the beach make for a perfect romantic holiday in the stunning Turkish sunshine but if you need something a little less pricey, the villa-style Dorian Hotel is a great choice. It has everything you need including large pool, beautiful gardens and entertainment programmes, but without the hefty price tag.

Renting a Holiday Villa in Alanya, Turkey

Cappadocia(You don’t normally think of Turkey when you think of Asia but it is technically on that continent!!)

Turkey has only recently become popular as a holiday destination, but the country has so much to offer in terms of natural beauty and historic interest that its potential is limitless. The most popular destinations are along the Aegean and Mediterranean coasts, whilst more intrepid travelers prefer exploring the largely neglected eastern part of the country. Either way, there’s something in Turkey for everyone, whether you’re into Greek and Roman ruins, Byzantine architecture, Islamic art, beautiful countryside walks, swimming, lazing on the beach or experiencing mouth-watering cuisine. The possibilities are endless.

Some resorts such as Bodrum have become a bit saturated, but there are many others that retain their historic identity whilst catering for large numbers of visitors, especially in the summer months.

Alanya, almost opposite Cyprus on the Mediterranean, is centered around its magnificent castle, and renting a villa here can form the perfect base for a great holiday. As well as the hectic night life, there are loads of tours to choose from, such as a two-day trip to the weird and wonderful volcanic landscape of Cappadocia, taking in the old Ottoman capital of Konya with its whirling dervishes along the way. Local fish restaurants along cool rivers and the spectacular underground caverns of Damlatas are also great tourist attractions.

Renting a villa in Alanya, Turkey affords the space and flexibility to make the most of your visit to this beautiful, vibrant and historic city. The local markets are overflowing with cheap, fresh food, and the people are renowned for their friendliness, so self-catering will be an adventure in itself. I went there earlier this year and was so surprised by how much I loved it. I am definitely planning another trip in the next year and hopefully this time I will spend maybe a month or two exploring.