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Luxury Vietnam

luxury vietnam

Vietnam is not often associated with luxury holiday destinations more a port of call for experienced or sometimes fresh faced travellers.  Steeped in a rich history Vietnam boasts amazingly varied landscapes including mountain ranges, unchartered forests and pristine beaches.  This diverse country offers something for everyone and seeing it within a lap of luxury is now provided through Mirus Journeys.

So treat yourself to a once in a lifetime holiday to Vietnam.  Start of in the countries capital, Hanoi at a luxury hotel like the Sofitel Legend Metropole just steps away from where the Opera House sits.  A classic hotel steeped in a rich history with all the grandeur of traditional Hanoi makes for a great starting point for your luxury Vietnam holiday.  Take advantage of the city’s most famed restaurant and savour beautiful French cuisine, mixed with family recipes and a famous Sunday brunch.

After savouring the delights of the Vietnamese capital then why not set off and explore what the rest of this beautiful country has to offer.  Central Vietnam offers some of the most colourful and vibrant areas for you to see in Vietnam.  You can visit the beautiful city of Danang on a breath-taking scenic drive over the Hai Van pass.  Danang is home to the ChamMuseum, where you can learn more about the Champa people and other ethnic minorities.  Danang is a vibrant place with tree lined boulevards, restaurants and some beautiful beaches to aid the mix of things to do in this wondrous place.

A great base to explore the region comes in the form of a stretch of beautiful white sandy beaches where 60 one bedroom villas and 40 pool villas are spread over 35 hectares of tropical gardens.  Known as the Nam Hai, located just 25 minutes from Danang and 15 minutes from Hoi An, this beachfront offers a beautiful and endless horizon, sensational cuisine and great location to explore the vicinity.

Once you’ve enjoyed this luxury resort and explored the many regions then why not take in some of the many islands along the Vietnam coastline.  Secluded coves and brilliantly white sandy beaches are scattered along the coast providing a beautiful step on to the secluded and luxurious islands.  A beautiful place to base yourself and see some sensational islands of the Vietnam coast are Con Dai which is a chain of 15 islands.

Located just off the south east coast each island is ringed with white sandy beaches, coral reefs and secluded bays.  The Six Senses Con Dao resort is set in an area of natural beauty, along a mile long golden beach and sheltered by forested mountains.

Explore the world and stay in some of the most naturally beautiful areas the planet has to offer.

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Why Vietnam?

vietnamThere are so many countries I want to visit. Some of the top destinations on my list are Egypt, Thailand, Brazil and The Maldives. It wasn’t until I came across a travel review on Vietnam that I decided it was also a country I would have to visit at some point.

When I organize my holidays, I usually price flights to a number of destinations and choose the cheapest. At first I was surprised at how expensive it is to fly to Vietnam. After all, it is a long trip from the US to Vietnam. However, after looking long and hard I managed to find better airfares off-peak. I hadn’t planned to travel in March, but I am quite flexible with travel dates and am lucky I can do so. Plus, I figured it would be cheap when I got there.

I travelled with American Airlines from JFK airport in New York to Noibai Airport in Hanoi, the capital of Vietnam. The flight was delayed for about 2 hours, but other than that there were no other issues. I have elite flight status with AA so at least I got to hang out in the airport lounge while I waited. After you arrive in Hanoi, you can take a bus from the airport to Hanoi city centre and the journey takes about 30 minutes.

Before travelling I had heard that Vietnam is very scenic and cheap. I can confirm both of these rumors. Perhaps tourism isn’t as developed as in other Asian countries…but if you love an adventure, and our open minded and easy going, you are sure to love Vietnam. I spent three weeks in the country and tried to travel a bit. I enjoyed staying in Hanoi for a few days and paid under $20 per night for three star accommodation. Some of the tourist attractions I loved in this city were the Hanoi Water Puppet Theatre, the History Museum and the Ho Chi Minh Mausoleum, where you can a mummified version of Ho Chi Minh himself. I also had the chance to escape the city and see the natural beauty of Vietnam at the Tam Dao Hill Station. Visiting Vietnam was a once in a lifetime experience and every time I leave a county in Asia I want to return.

What to do in Vietnam, Dalat.

dalat vietnamIn the next few paragraphs we are going to see what the main attractions are to do in Vietnam. This will hopefully give you a nice feel of the place so that you if you are going there then you will know what to visit and what not to miss out on while you are over there.

Easy Riders – If you do not have a lot of time in Dalat then you are best to book a tour with easy riders. The reason for this is because within 2 days you will get to see the whole Island. 2 days may seem a long time but you will see all you need to see within the country. You get an English speaking guide whose English is really good to hear and puts a bit of comedy in the tour. The price may sound dear at $70 per day however you do get quite a lot for your money but you do get the tour guide for 2 days and they put you up in a hotel for the night which you cannot grumble at. This is probably going to make you feel like you had an awesome holiday if you are going to book with easy riders.

Dalat Palace Golf Club – When you are in Dalat and you have had a couple of days looking at some tourist attractions you may want to relax for one day playing golf, if that is your type of thing. If you have brought your golf clubs with you or you are looking to rent some while you are over there then you best of coming to the Palace Golf Club. The Palace Golf Club used to only be a nine hole but with more people coming to play on this course they have decided to upgrade it to a 18th course. This means that you are able to stay out longer and enjoy playing in the sun and seeing some of Dalats amazing views.

Dalat Market – If you are looking to try out some new foods or looking for some cheap items to take back with you to your family then the market is defiantly the place to visit. It is a chance for you tee see what the locals eat and what type of products they sell. This market is open in the morning and closes late afternoon. This is a market not to be missed if you are going to visit Dalat.