The Top Adventure Activities To Enjoy In Vietnam

vietnam cruiseAlthough Vietnam has enjoyed a troubled history, it is a country that has flourished in the last two decades since the Communist Party loosened the reins on a market economy at the end of the 1980s.  This wonderful country boasts some truly beautiful natural sights and some amazing history, and is a great place to visit.  There are a wide range of activities that people can enjoy outside of the major cities, and many of the adventure activities have found a new base in the wonderful countryside and waterways of Vietnam.


Kayaking can be enjoyed both in the sea and on the rivers of Vietnam, with the lightweight easily paddled boats being ideal for exploring the coves and isolated bays on the coast.  They are also perfect for paddling on some of the calmer rivers of Vietnam, which allow the kayakers to explore the inlets and tributaries of the larger rivers by themselves or in organized groups.

One of the most popular places in Vietnam to go kayaking is in HalongBay, where the quiet waters provide great conditions for exploring, with lots of different places to explore.  Another popular place to go Kayaking is the mighty MekongRiver, with many organized groups arranging week-long trips along the river.


Another popular activity that visitors to Vietnam can enjoy is trekking, with its stunningly beautiful coastline and wonderful mountain and jungle treks to explore too.  The treks here range from challenging routes to shorter routes that show off some of the best of the scenery in Vietnam.

One of the most popular areas for trekking is the province of Cao Bang in the north-west of Vietnam, which has some wonderful mountain scenery and a number of waterways, with the highlight being superb views of the large Ban Gioc waterfall.  The CucPhuongNational Park is another beautiful location to visit, and trekking here takes visitors through some of the dense tropical forest which many people will associate with the country.

Boat Tours

With so much of Vietnam being more easily accessible to boat than motor vehicle, taking a boat trip around some of the coastline or up one of the many Vietnamese rivers is a very popular activity.  One of the most popular is a trip on one of the small boats up the Mekong Delta, which departs from the important city formerly known as Saigon, which is now called Ho Chi Minh City.  Along with the adventurous river trips, there are also plenty of boat trips around the scenic HalongBay that are also very popular.

Mountain Biking

One of the sports to which Vietnam is particularly suited is mountain biking, with its rolling hills and steep hillsides with plenty of streams and obstacles.  Many of the more established paths offer fun tracks along the valley floor, while those looking for more adventure can hit the hills and enjoy excellent downhill cycling with boardwalk bridges, fords and rides through woodland and in the open.  The climate is usually warm and sunny in season, and there are centers in Dalat, Hanoi and Hue which are all wonderful places to visit.


With such a wonderful coastline it is natural that Vietnam will draw plenty of people looking to dive and to explore the waters of the area.  Most of the sites are considered particularly suited to newer divers and nature lovers, as there are large numbers of smaller fish to be found in the waters near Nha Tran and Con Dao.  A short distance off the east coast of Vietnam is the Cu Lao Cham Marine Park, and this is one of the most popular dive sites due to its exceptional coral and biodiversity to be found in these waters.

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