Tips for Edinburgh

edinburghRemember I bought that flight to Scotland? Well I have been loving it here and wanted to share more about this country even though it’s not in Asia. I just arrived in Edinburgh and I now understand why everyone raves about this place, it is absolutely incredible.

Regardless of which time of year you book cheap flights to Edinburgh, there is always something going on in the city. Once you arrive, one of the best choices for the budget conscious traveller or individual looking to see all the major sites is the Edinburgh Pass. It offers a maximum of £155 worth of entry to 27 of the main attractions in the city, as well as a 90-page guidebook and various discounts from retailers and restaurants. Not to mention free access to public transport around the city and transfers to the airport if, for example you need to take flights to London or flights from Edinburgh to Brussels. In addition, the international airport services countries around the world, so you can easily find flights to most major cities.

In addition, if you find yourself spending a significant amount of time in Scotland, it might also be worth purchasing a Historic Scotland Membership. The pass lasts for a year, costs roughly £40 and provides unlimited access to around 70 historical sites throughout the country, including Edinburgh Castle and Craigmillar Castle. It is a great way to save money above and beyond whatever cheap flights you found and it also provides you with additional discounts to various shops and merchants, a quarterly magazine and 50% off of admission to any English, Welsh or Manx historical site. All in all, these are two of the best tips for touring around Scotland once you have booked your cheap flights to Edinburgh.

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