Top Night Life Hot Spots In Hong Kong

hong_kong_skylineOne of the most interesting aspects of life in Hong Kong is that it truly is a blend of eastern and western cultures, and this is certainly to be found when exploring the night spots in the area.  The large size of the city also means that there are a wide variety of different establishments ready to cater for visitors to the city, whether they are traveling on a budget or looking to splash out in the evening.  Although some of the big clubs for the extremely wealthy have suffered from the opening of the borders to China, there is still a wealth of clubs and entertainment venues around the city for people to enjoy.

Tsim Sha Tsui And Wan Chai

The two areas of Hong Kong that are most popular among those looking for an evening’s entertainment are Tsim Sha Tsui and Wan Chai, with both areas being popular and hosting a number of venues.  Cinemas, restaurants, bars and nightclubs are side by side in these neon lit districts, and many locals and visitors alike flock to these areas for a relaxing evening or a great night’s clubbing.

Kee Club

One of the most interesting of the up market clubs in Hong Kong is the Kee Club, which is a private members club that tends to deliver some of the best DJs and acts to perform in the city.  While it may not be accessible for those who are simply visiting the city out of interest, those with well-to-do friends in the city who are with the club can enjoy some very exclusive music in the plush settings of the club throughout the week.

As well as offering a nightclub venue, the Kee Club also has a selection of bars and restaurants throughout the complex that are great for an evening meal or a place to have a few drinks before heading to the club.

Billion Club

As you would expect from a club with this name, ostentation is certainly the name of the game here, with the large nightclub often been hired out for plush private parties.  However, it is usually open to the public and lying in the trendy area of Lan Kwai Fong, it is one of the most popular venues for the young crowd looking for electro dance music.  For those who aren’t completely convinced that this is a club for those who want to be noticed, the prevalence of gold in the décor certainly confirms it.


Another of the most popular nightclubs with visitors is to be found within the Grand Hyatt Hotel building, and spread over two floors JJs certainly doesn’t disappoint in terms of pleasant surroundings.  Although the first floor restaurant is pleasant enough, it is the live bands and dance music on the second floor that is the real attraction here, and as you would expect for a bar like this the excellent drinks menu at the bar is a real highlight.

Karaoke Bars

Another of the most popular evening entertainments to be enjoyed in Hong Kong is the karaoke bar, and there are many of these to be found in the nightlife areas of the city.  However, karaoke in Hong Kong is more likely to be a routine that has been practiced and polished at home by the singers, rather than the distinctly amateur efforts to be seen in the west.

Night Cruises

As well as the more traditional venues that are to be found in Hong Kong, there are also a number of different offerings for those who want to enjoy a night time cruise on the waters around Hong Kong.  Because of the brightly lit business district these cruises are really magical at night, and are usually combined with a sumptuous meal on the boat.

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